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Angels and Us

Do you have a Guardian Angel? What do angels look like? What do they sound like? Have you ever seen an angel? Can you believe in God and not believe in angels? Can you believe in angels and not believe in God? The questions are endless. The answers are many and varied.

What many people know about angels, they know from the Bible and other religious texts, others from the angels themselves. They are messengers of God and assigned to watch over us and protect us. Their message is pure love. They appear, disappear, and reappear in our lives, sometimes on a daily basis. Many have physically seen and heard angels, while others have only sensed their presence. They are spiritual, heavenly beings that are sent to us in times of need. They guide and direct our lives, but can not intervene because of our free will; but they will come in an emergency or crisis situation. Yet, if we ask for their help, they are immediately present. But we must ask. Angels are not to be worshiped or prayed to, but can be prayed for. In his book Angels, God’s Secret Agents (c.1994, World Publishing, pg 33) Billy Graham states “Moreover, we should not confuse angels, whether visible or invisible, with the Holy spirit, the third person of the Trinity and Himself God” and “Angels are mightier than men, but they are not gods and they do not possess the attributes of the Godhead”. He goes on to say “We can be sure, however, that there is no contradiction or competition between God the Holy Spirit and God’s command of the angelic hosts.”

In our ever-changing world, the angels have kept up with us.

They give us information and messages that may be broadly general or deeply personal. The timeless message of love and peace and goodwill is still pertinent today. Angel messages will always be loving and kind, and you will receive great peace and benefit from them. You have only to be open to receive them.

We are in a time of great awakening in spirituality and awareness. Many people are being blessed with an unveiling of our eyes and an opening of our ears to be able to see, hear, and communicate with angels. Many are charged with the responsibility of service, to help those who are inquiring, to pass on information to those who cannot see and hear, but want to know whatever information or message there might be for them. It is a great responsibility, but an even greater blessing.

Angels appear to us in many forms. We’ve all heard stories where people have seen and talked to a mysterious person that seemed to appear out of nowhere to help them in a crisis, then just as mysteriously disappear. We might have dreams in which a loved one tells us something important, and if acted upon, can prevent or help us deal with a serious situation; or we may dream of doing something we haven’t done before, or for a long time, and discover a new direction for our lives, or a return to something we love. Sometimes, we have an inner sense to go right when we would normally go left, and find that we just avoided an accident or traffic jam. We may be in a state of meditation or prayer, or working in a garden, and see a beautiful glowing being with wings appear before us, or, maybe we hear beautiful music or a soft whisper out of nowhere. Angels take shape and form for our benefit, but in the angelic realm they are formless and shapeless, the true essence of love and light.

Doreen Virtue

In Divine Guidance (c.1998, St. Martin’s Press, pg 44) Doreen Virtue states “Every person I’ve ever seen has two or more guardian angels next to them. These angels are with you from birth to death. Even so-called evil people have angels. The angels, like God, see that we make mistakes. Some people appear to make really awful mistakes. But heaven looks past our errors and views us as we truly are: holy children of God. The angels know by holding this loving viewpoint, everything that seems unloving will disappear. We can learn a lot from them!”

By talking to angels instead of talking directly to God, we may have a fear of offending Him or violating His will, “Yet, since God and the angels are one, errors in Divine communication are impossible. The angels are unable to violate God”s will. Whether you call them directly or voice your requests through God, the results are the same.” (Doreen Virtue: Divine Guidance, pg 44,45) God and angels are not exclusive to each other. When we talk to one, the other hears. Whatever your beliefs are, you can be sure of this: when you talk to angels, you are talking to God, and vice versa, whether you intend to, or want to, or not. Be open, be loving, be receptive, and you, too, will receive Divine guidance from angels.

Linda L. Cain
Linda L. Cain
Linda L. Cain is the owner of Visions Metaphysical Boutique located at 101 Franklin Street in Clarksville, TN. They offer readings including intuitive card readings, angel readings, and a wide selection of new age products.  You can reach Visions by phone at (931) 378-7576. Linda served as a nurse for 26 years, and in 2004 she began to take a more holistic approach to nursing after she learned Reiki ( a natural, "hands on" healing/relaxation technique) which seemed to help her patients on a deeper, spiritual level.She is a Reiki Master/Teacher, and does Angel Readings.

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