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CGW Bio-diesel Processing System Announcement

Bio-diesel Processing System housed at the Wastewater Treatment Plant

A Bio-diesel Processing system was purchased through a CMAQ grant from FHWA at 100% federal funding. Pat Hickey, General Manager of Clarksville Gas and Water, has housed it at the Wastewater Treatment Plant under the direction of Mike Gray, Assistant Plant Manager.

The system will convert used restaurant and household vegetable oil into biodiesel fuel which will be used to operate public transit vehicles and other local government vehicles. This initiative will bring about cleaner air, less oil and grease in our sewer lines and lower fuel costs. Currently Gas and Water has agreements with 12 businesses in Clarksville to collect their used cooking oil. The following businesses are currently participating in the program:

  1. Riverview Hotel
  2. Walking Horse Meadows
  3. Sonic Drive In
  4. Spring Meadows Health Center
  5. West End Bar & Grill
  6. Ajax Turner Senior Center
  7. Mary’s Saddle Club
  8. Jade Dragon
  9. Manzanillo Mexican Restaurant
  10. Ursery Enterprises
  11. The Looking Glass Restaurant
  12. Clarksville Nursing & Rehabilitation Center

Businesses interested in donating their used cooking oil are asked to call Mike Gray at (931)-645-7495. The Gas and Water Department will bring a collection barrel for the business to use as a depository. CGW will collect the used oil weekly or as needed. Each business that participates in the Green Initiative will be recognized and receive a certificate signed by Clarksville Mayor Johnny Piper and Montgomery County Mayor Carolyn Bowers.


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