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Building permit procedures for flood damaged properties

The City of Clarksville has released the following building permit procedures.

Due to recent events the following guidelines for flood damaged properties will apply.

Commercial Structures/Businesses:

A building permit will be required for all repair projects: Building Permit fee: $15.00 unless the occupant load is greater than 50 the permit fee will then be determined by the Building Official. This determination will be based on the amount of reconstruction.

Safety Electrical permits may be purchased at C & M Supply. This is for a Safety Inspection ONLY. This Safety permit fee will be paid for by the City of Clarksville.

Single Family Dwellings:

A building permit will be required for all repair projects:  Building Permit fee: $15.00.

Contractor must provide a written estimate for the necessary repairs.

Contractor must provide City and County Business license.

Contractor must provide proof of insurance: workers compensation and general liability, WC affidavit will be accepted per regulations.


  1. Initial on-site assessment by the Building and Codes Department prior to issuance; by appointment only
  2. On-site inspection upon removal of damaged materials
  3. Final inspection upon completion of work
  4. Certificate of occupancy issued

Note: Homeowners will be allowed to purchase permits for personal property after consultation and approval by the Director, Building Official or appointed designee.


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