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‘Green’ Asphalt to Delay Global Climate Change


Emerald Cities Cool PavementEmerald Cities(TM) Paves the Way

Scottsdale, Arizona – Emerald Cities(TM) USA Ltd. has just resurfaced the world’s first solar reflective “Green” asphalt parking lot to demonstrate the importance of “Cool Pavement” addressing Urban Heat Island in the cities This 24,000 sq.ft. parking lot was donated to Mayor Gordon’s Phoenix Recovery Zone at the Duffy Charter School where asphalt temperatures soared to 200 degrees (F) last summer in Arizona.

The importance of “Cool Pavement” in a school setting cannot be overstated. Heat radiated from asphalt remains between 1-4 feet and is a “danger zone” where children play during recess because of the risk of heat stroke. This is an Emerald Cities “Cool Schools” project.

Cool Pavement

Cool Pavement

“Zero Carbon” Asphalt

Black asphalt covers 60% of city surfaces as a silent contributor to heat, smog and C02 from parking lots, airports, amusement parks, shopping malls and roadways. Green building can never be “zero carbon” until the asphalt portion of the project is addressed. EC “Cool Pavement” reduces surface heat by 30-50 degrees (F) on summer days, reducing smog and C02. It is a nano-engineered ultra high performance thin concrete proven roadworthy at 1/6″ thickness. It is 4300+ psi, 100+ skid resistant, impervious to UV, non-delaminating, comes in beautiful colors, extends the service life of existing asphalt, and is easy to apply with no milling required.

“Green Filling Stations”

Emerald Cities(TM) International Ltd. seeks JV partners in global regions to establish inventory warehousing to serve as “hubs” for further distribution to EC “Green Filling Stations”. The first “Green Filling Station” prototype has been opened in Scottsdale, Arizona. These “Franchises” are available at $100K and include a showroom, equipment and supplies for a drive-in dispensing port where contractors can fill-up and pick up fresh materials daily for projects.

100 Cities by 2012

Solar reflective color now plays a significant role in protecting the environment. According to Steven Chu (Obama’s Secretary of Energy), “Changing surface colors in 100 of the world’s largest cities could save as much as 44 billion tons of carbon dioxide. This is equivalent to the rise in global carbon emissions anticipated by 2020.” With 2010 now the hottest year on record, NASA predicts a 2- 6 degree rise in the next few years will result in altered rainfall, storms, coastal floods, melting glaciers, and droughts contributing to the increase in infectious diseases.

“Cool Communities” Initiative

Lawrence Berkeley’s Heat Island Group has worked on climate change solutions for 8 years, and developed a “Cool Communities” Initiative targeting Mayors, Community Organizations and Corporations. On January 12th, 2011, the Lawrence Berkeley Heat Island Group signed an Agreement with Emerald Cities(TM) USA Ltd. to take this seminar nationwide. Parties interested in hosting the “Cool Communities” Seminar may contact Emerald Cities(TM) USA Ltd. directly.




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