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Montgomery County Receives ARRA Grant

Montgomery CountyMontgomery County, TN – Montgomery County Government was recently awarded an American Reinvestment and Recovery Act (ARRA) grant of $100,000. This grant will be used by two county departments for a total of three projects.

The Highway Department will be retrofitting seven traffic signals from incandescent light to LED lighting. This will increase the bulb replacement cycle from 12-18 months on an incandescent bulb, to seven to eight years on an LED. Replacement costs, including installation, will amount to $25,245.93 and have an estimated annual energy savings of nearly 864,000KWh and an annual estimated GHG reduction of more than 800 metric tons of carbon dioxide.

The second Highway Department project is retrofitting a natural gas heating system at the Highway Department’s office with two oil-fired heaters. By converting two oil-fired heaters, the department can reuse vehicle oil into a free heat source that is environmentally conscious. The cost of the two heaters and installation will be $21,450 and will have a savings will be approximately $6,525 annually. 

The Office of Facilities Development will be retrofitting the current HVAC system in a 44,000 square-foot portion of the Veterans Plaza building to operate in an economizer mode. The project will allow for electricity savings in cooler months by using outside air to help cool the building and cost around $120,000, with anticipated annual savings of $20,250.

This grant is provided by funding from the American Reinvestment and Recovery Act, but is being distributed by the state’s Economic and Community Development Office. All projects are to be completed by June 30th, 2011.


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