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Special Session Results, October 27th

City of ClarksvilleClarksville, TN – This afternoon the council session met in a special session to discuss and vote on paying $100,000 for a drainage basin in the Woodstock subdivision.

Questions on this confirmed that Councilman Burkhart, who is a partner in the development does not want any of the money being offered.

However, the other partners will not provide permission for the city to come in and assist in helping the drainage problem.  They want money for it. Needless to say, as I mentioned in an email to ward residents yesterday, I did vote “no”. It is evident from these other partners that they have a different set of priorities from the residents they sold property and homes to.

In tonight’s session three council members were absent. The first round vote was 5-yes, 4 -no and one abstain. Councilman Burkhart abstained and Mayor McMillan voted “yes” to create the majority. This will come up next Thursday for the final vote, but I doubt even with a full council the ordinance will be defeated.

Editor’s Note: This article contains the view points of Councilman Bill Summers and may not represent the views of the rest of the City Council, the City of Clarksville or ClarksvilleOnline.

Bill Summers
Bill Summershttp://www.cityofclarksville.com/
Bill Summers is the City Councilman for Ward 10 in Clarksville, TN. Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed by the author are not necessarily those of the City of Clarksville or Clarksville Online.

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