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Mark Green files petition to run for Tennessee State Senate

Senate Candidate Mark Green shortly after filing his petition to run for the Tennessee State Senate against Incumbent Sen. Tim Barnes
Senate Candidate Mark Green shortly after filing his petition to run for the Tennessee State Senate against Incumbent Sen. Tim Barnes

Clarksville, TN – Dr. Mark Green has filed his petition to challenge incumbent Tim Barnes for the Tennessee State Senate.

The man who joined the military when he was seventeen.

The man who spent “A night with Saddam”

The man who built a successful health care company, based in Clarksville Tennessee, has decided to run for political office.

In an exclusive interview with Clarksville Online, Mark Green says “I’m excited about it” when asked how he feels about running for public office.  We asked him why?

“Numerous friends and family have asked why I am running for state senate.  It’s simple really.  Our great state of Tennessee remains true to the founding principles of the greatest nation in the history of mankind.  As other states became ‘progressive,’ leading to increased government intervention in the day-to-day affairs of businesses and individuals, our state has remained true to the ideals of small government and self-determination. It has not been without a fight.  The push for Tennessee to have a state income tax is just one area where progressives continue the struggle for their agenda.  I will fight to keep our state committed to small government and out of the lives of people and businesses.”

Austin Peay State UniversityWhen pressed about the issues facing our community, Green said, “Jobs are my most important concern.  I want to help Clarksville/Montgomery County continue to provide jobs.  While we’ve done a magnificent job in landing companies like Hemlock Semi-Conductor, I want to press forward with bringing more health care related jobs to our community.  I want to help bring a Healthcare Information Technology degree program to Austin Peay State University, and combined with their excellent nursing program, we are preparing students to enter a field that is in high demand.”

As a military person and businessman, I am a problem solver.  Our community faces numerous challenges.  From recruiting corporations to move jobs to our community, to reducing the tax burden of every Tennessean.  I believe I am better prepared and equipped to lead than our current state senator, and am stepping into the arena to offer my service.

Dr. Green says he wants to “incentivize”  businesses, by getting rid of the inheritance tax.  “Tennessee has a horrible inheritance tax, and while Governor Haslam is chipping away at it, it needs to be cut our like a cancer.  It encourages people to take their money elsewhere, because it’s penalty when they die.  Think of farmers, who die and leave all their land behind, just so the family can sell it to pay the tax.  I don’t think that’s right.”

A Night with Saddam by Dr. Mark Green
A Night with Saddam by Dr. Mark Green

Green was the author of “A Night With Saddam” which related his account of the time he spent with one of the most notorious dictators in modern history, Saddam Hussein.   Dr. Green supervised the healthcare of Saddam Hussein during captivity, and spent many hours with the man who was responsible for killing his own people.

Green and his family moved to Clarksville ten years ago, and as he put it, “I’m forever grateful at the love and support this community gave my family.  I was off to war, and they were here.  I really feel I owe Clarksville a debt of gratitude, and that’s why I want to serve as their next State Senator.”

If you’re interested in meeting Dr. Mark Green, the Mark Green Campaign Kickoff will be Friday March 16th at the Hilton Garden Inn on Alfred Thun Road.

290 Alfred Thun Road
Clarksville, TN 37040
(931) 647-1096

Joining Dr. Green will be congresswoman Marsha Blackburn, Lt. Governor Ron Ramsey, Speaker of the House, Beth Harwell, and Majority Leader Gerald McCormick.  The event begins at 5:00pm and the public is invited.

Visit www.markgreenfortennessee.com for more information.


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