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April 2012 County Unemployment Rates

Montgomery County’s Unemployment Rate Down 0.9 Percent

Tennessee Department of Labor and Workforce DevelopmentNashville, TN – Tennessee’s unemployment rate for April fell to 7.8 percent, down from the March revised rate of 7.9 percent. The national unemployment rate for April 2012 was 8.1 percent, 0.1 percentage point lower than the March rate.

The state unemployment rate is seasonally adjusted while the county unemployment rates are not.

Montgomery County Unemployment for April 2012
Montgomery County Unemployment for April 2012

Seasonal adjustment is a statistical technique that eliminates the influences of weather, holidays, the opening and closing of schools, and other recurring seasonal events from economic time series.

The unemployment rate for Montgomery County was 7.1 percent in April, down 0.9 percent from May’s 8.0 percent. The Clarksville rate was 8.2 percent, down 0.4 percent from the 8.6 percent in May.

Knox County had the state’s lowest major metropolitan rate of 5.8 percent, up from 5.6 percent in March.  Davidson County was 6.5 percent, down from 6.6 percent in the previous month. Hamilton County was 7.0 percent, down from 7.3 percent, and Shelby County was 8.3 percent, down from the March unemployment rate of 9.1 percent.


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