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Port Royal by Lantern

Port Royal State Historic ParkAdams, TN – If you’re looking for the perfect fall Family event why not try out a free event this week at Port Royal State Historic Park.

For the 5th year in a row Port Royal State Historic Park will be hosting its largely attended and popular “Port Royal by Lantern”.

Lantern Tours
Port Royal State Park’s Lantern Tours

Take a guided lantern tour through one of the park’s nature trails and hear mysterious accounts of Port Royal’s past told by reenactors portraying actual past living residents of the town. When you arrive be sure to gather around an open bonfire and hear accounts of Tennessee folklore and stories.

Tour dates are this Friday October 26th and Saturday October 27th. The first tour starts at 6:00pm and the last tour heads into the woods at 9:00pm. Tours leave every twenty minutes. This is a FREE EVENT that is also including home baked goods, snacks and refreshments!

This event is a fun history driven event for the whole family. There will be nothing gory or gruesome in any of the accounts. It will be held on the Trail of Tears section of the park across the bridge from the Rangers Station, look for signs. Parking will be available at the site.

For directions or to reserve a time for your group you may call Port Royal State Historic Park at 931.358.9696.


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