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APSU Employees share recent plaudits

Austin Peay State University

Austin Peay State UniversityClarksville, TN – Faculty and staff members at Austin Peay State University recently announced publications or conferences attended as part of their professional and scholarly activities.

Dr. Gregg Steinberg, professor of health and human performance and a sports psychologist, is a regular contributor every Tuesday to the show “Talk of the TOUR” on the PGA Tour radio on XM/Sirius.

Dr. Stephen Truhon, associate professor of psychology, presented two papers at the International Military Testing Association meeting held November 6th-8th in Dubrovnik, Croatia. The titles of the papers were “Resilience to Stress in the U.S. Navy” and “Analysis of the U.S. Navy Operational Stress Control Module.”

Drs. Kallina Dunkle, Dan Frederick, Lindsay Szramek, Phyllis Camilleri and Jack Deibert and 17 geosciences students attended the Geological Society of America annual meeting held November 3rd-7th in Charlotte, NC. Dunkle presented a paper titled “Preferential Flow Paths in Glacial Lake Oshkosh Sediment, Outagamie County, WI.”

Student Zachary Sullivan and coauthors Camilleri and Deibert presented a paper titled “Estimates of Offset of Quaternary Alluvial Fan Surfaces Along Normal Faults Bounding the Central and Northern Grant Range and Railorad Valley in East-Central Nevada.”

Students Maurice P. Testa, Patrick Robbins, Eric Whitaker and James D. Martin presented a paper titled “Comparing the Accuracy of GPS-enabled Devices for Field Purposes.”


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