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Fort Campbell’s Blanchfield Army Community Hospital limits services during Furlough

Blanchfield Army Hospital - Fort Campbell KYFort Campbell, KY – Blanchfield Army Community Hospital will close or reduce many services on Fridays in response to the mandatory furloughs within the Department of Defense.

More than 1,200 Fort Campbell hospital civilian employees will be required to take 11 days off without pay, mainly affecting Fridays starting the week of July 8th until the end of September.

Using the Army Medical Department guidelines, the hospital commander granted over 200 staff exemptions to the furlough in order to maintain safe and effective operations.

Some services will remain open such as the Emergency Center, Embedded Behavioral Health and the Warrior Care Clinic within the Warrior Transition Battalion.

“While our patients continue to be our number one priority, it will be difficult to maintain our normal operations without our valued civilian personnel available during the 11 furlough days,” said BACH commander Col. Paul R. Cordts. “Patient safety, quality and standard of care will not be compromised or diminished as we work through necessary adjustments resulting from furloughs.”

Patients should expect longer wait times for some appointments and services during the 11-week period.

The following primary care services, or Patient Centered Medical Homes, will maintain normal operating hours on Fridays: Air Assault Family Medical Home, Young Eagle Medical Home, Gold Medical Home and Screaming Eagle Medical Home. In addition, the Warrior Care Clinic will maintain normal operating hours.

The Byrd Family Medical Home will offer acute walk-in services and limited appointments on Fridays. Soldier Health Services at LaPointe Health Clinic, Byrd Soldier Health Clinic and Troop Medical Clinic 5 will offer sick call services, acute walk-in services and limited appointments on Fridays.

Specialty services that will remain open with normal operating hours on Fridays include the Laboratory, Town Center Pharmacy, Radiology MRI services by appointment only, urgent Radiology services as directed by a provider and Embedded Behavioral Health clinics. In addition, Adult Behavioral Health will offer walk-in services for acute needs.

All other specialty services will close or offer reduced hours every Friday during the furlough period. Beginning July 8th, the Main BACH Pharmacy will close at 4:00pm. Monday through Thursday and close Fridays. The chart below will provide a detailed list of services available.

“As we work through the challenges of the furlough timeframe, we greatly appreciate your patience,” said Cordts.

Beneficiaries may contact a Patient Advocate at 270.798.8091 or 8718 for issues or concerns related to quality or access to care. Wounded, injured or ill Soldiers and their Families may contact the 24/7 Wounded Soldier and Family Hotline at 1.800.984.8523.

BACH Services during Furlough DaysEvery Friday July 12th – September 27th
Open Patient Centered Medical Homes (Primary Care): Air Assault Medical Home, Gold Medical Home, Screaming Eagle Medical Home, Young Eagle Medical HomeSpecialty Services: BACH Physical Therapy, Dermatology, Laboratory, Town Center Pharmacy

Warrior Care Clinic

Behavioral Health: Behavioral Health High Interest Program, Embedded Behavioral Health clinics

Limited Services Available Limited services for Soldier Health Services, acute walk-in, Sick Call (6:30am–8:00am), limited appointments available, physical therapy appointments seen at BACH:LaPointe Health Clinic (Optometry open for Sick Call, Lab closed, limited services August 16th and 30 during Division Day of Non Scheduled Activities DONSA)

Nightstalker Soldier Health Clinic (closed during DONSAs)

Troop Medical Clinic 5 (closed during DONSAs)

Byrd Soldier Clinic (closed during DONSAs)

Limited services by appointment only Byrd Family Medical Home, Gastroenterology, General Surgery, Occupational Therapy, Ophthalmology, Orthopedic Clinic, Radiology, Women’s Health (OB/GYN)
Acute walk-in services only Allergy Clinc, Adult Behavioral Health (7:30am–3:00pm), Ear, Nose and Throat Clinic, Family Advocacy Program (7:30am–4:30pm in Building 2544)
Closed Audiology, Brace Shop, Cardiology, Child and Family Assistance Center, Chiropractic, Endoscopy, Exceptional Family Member Program, Main Pharmacy, Marriage and Family Therapy, Neurology-EMG, Pain Management, Refractive Eye Surgery, Soldier Readiness Processing (SRP), Urology

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