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Wolf Week Celebration Returns to LBL October 6th-11th

Land Between the Lakes - LBLGolden Pond, KY – Land Between The Lakes (LBL) National Recreation Area celebrates Wolf Week October 6th-11th. Join us at the Woodlands Nature Station to learn more about these intelligent, awe-inspiring, and rare animals. Fun, educational programs will be featured throughout the week for wolf enthusiasts of all ages.

The Nature Station participates in the Red Wolf Recovery Program, a captive breeding program for the endangered red wolf. “Red wolves were once declared officially extinct in the wild.

Thanks to recovery efforts, they have been reintroduced into a wildlife refuge in North Carolina. Yet, red wolves are still designated as a critically endangered species. Wolf Week is an opportunity to learn about how LBL is helping in the recovery of these amazing creatures,” explained Carrie Szwed, Public Programs Coordinator at the NS.

Visitors to the NS will have an opportunity to view captive red wolves during special programs designed for Wolf Week and learn more about this rare animal and its comeback from the brink of extinction.

Wolf Week is also a time to dispel some of the common myths people have about wolves. “We will discuss myths including wolves being portrayed as wicked characters in fairy tales such as Little Red Riding Hood,” added Szwed. “People often think predators are undesirable because they kill other animals, but they are an integral part of wild ecosystems.”

All Wolf Week programs are free with Nature Station admission. For a complete schedule of programs, visit the Calendar of Events page http://www.lbl.org/CALGate.asp on our official website, www.lbl.org.

Come Outside and Play at Land Between The Lakes National Recreation Area. Managed by the Forest Service, U.S. Department of Agriculture, Land Between The Lakes provides outdoor recreation, lake access, and environmental education for the public to enjoy.

Visitors are encouraged to review the official website at www.lbl.org often for Calendar of Events, updates on programs and policies, safety information, maps, temporary trail and road closures, and additional information, or call 800.LBL.7077 or 270.924.2000.

Follow LBL on Twitter @LBLScreechOwl or @LandBtwnLakes. USDA is an equal opportunity provider and employer.


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