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Montgomery County Jail transfers 60 Tennessee Department of Corrections Inmates


Montgomery County Sheriff's Office - MCSOClarksville, TN – Sixty inmates of the State of Tennessee’s Department of Corrections were transferred from the Montgomery County Jail to a state facility last week, said Montgomery County Sheriff John Fuson.

“This drops our Tennessee Department of Corrections populations to 96, and represents a significant savings to our local taxpayers,” said Fuson.

There has been much discussion of the growing state inmate population at the Montgomery County Jail and the growing costs associated with housing them here. The State prison populations are also growing which is causing a backlog for local jails all over the state.

“I understand the dilemma the state is in however; we have our own issues to deal with, and this is one of them,” said Fuson. “Maintaining a continual transfer cycle is what is going to keep our numbers down which, in turn, saves our county money,” said Fuson.

“I do appreciate the working relationship that we have with the TDOC, and will continue to work towards reducing our burden even further in the future.”




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