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Tennessee 7th Congressional District Candidate Dan Cramer disappointed with Tennessean Newspaper

Chalks endorsement of Blackburn up to a ‘business decision’

Election 2014Clarksville, TN – Gannett’s Nashville paper, the Tennessean, has endorsed the incumbent rather than retired Iraqi War veteran Dan Cramer, in the race for Tennessee’s 7th congressional district. Cramer expressed amusement at the paper’s choice but said he understands how supporting the presumed “safe bet” is a better business decision.

“I am always grateful and honored by any endorsement,” Cramer said, “But one of the realities of politics is that not everyone will agree with you 100% of the time. In the case of the Tennessean’s choice, I can see how their financial interests are better served by endorsing a presumed strong incumbent, but I think there are some interesting inconsistencies in their reasoning.

Tennessee 7th Congressional District candidate Dan Cramer.
Tennessee 7th Congressional District candidate Dan Cramer.

“I expect to get another chuckle at their expense come, Election Day,” Cramer added.

The Tennessean cited Rep. Marsha Blackburn’s higher profile, based on her numerous television appearances but also laments her support of climate denial.

“Many of the voters of the district say they are tired of her embarrassing gaffs and refusals to answers basic questions when on these shows, ” Cramer said. “When you are regular fare in Daily Show bits, you aren’t really representing the best of Tennessee, or of the district.”

While the Tennessean identified Cramer as an Iragi war vet and a vigorous opponent, the paper believes Blackburn is a “strong advocate” for Fort Campbell soldiers and their families. Currently only 20% of the members Congress have previous military service, and Rep. Blackburn is not one of them.

“I am not sure how the Tennessean sees a stronger advocate for Fort Campbell soldiers in a career politician than an actual retired Fort Campbell soldier. I don’t need a pass from protocol to get on base. I have had an ID card since 1985,” said Cramer.

“Many here still have a bad taste in their mouth from when she failed to appear at a naturalization ceremony, leaving a crowd of soldiers and families waiting.”

The final call will come from the voters, as early voting ends this week on Thursday and election day is on Tuesday, November 4th.


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