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Houston County Community Hospital to be bought by BradenHealth

BradenHealth Erin, TN – Houston County Community Hospital, a struggling critical access hospital facing imminent closure, is slated to be sold to BradenHealth pending the approval of the Attorney General of the State of Tennessee after Thursday’s commission meeting finalizing the transaction.

Houston County Community Hospital
Houston County Community Hospital

The sale of this hospital will allow BradenHealth to save the hospital from failure and permanent closure.

BradenHealth will save 107 jobs, the struggling EMS agency, and rebrand the hospital as “Shamrock Community Hospital.”

“We are proud to save another failing rural hospital in Tennessee. We are grateful for the hard work Mayor James Bridges and his team put into this facility. He is ensuring 107 jobs are saved, and the death rate does not skyrocket in this community. I look forward to working with the Attorney’s General’s office to ensure a smooth transition.” Stated Kyle Kopec, Chief Compliance Officer, and Government Affairs Director for BradenHealth.

“We are excited to make Houston County the next stop on our journey to save rural healthcare in Tennessee.” Stated Dr. Beau Braden, Chief Executive Officer for BradenHealth.

BradenHealth operates hospitals, ems agencies, rural health clinics and specializes in saving struggling rural facilities, reopening closed facilities through its use of industry experts, advanced technology partners, championing physicians, working with neighboring healthcare systems to provide the best level of care collaboratively, and serving as a good steward to the communities it serves.

On April 1st, 2020, the organization moved into Tennessee through a late-hour purchase of the Henderson County Community Hospital after it was slated for closure. The organization has continued to expand operations throughout the state, adding hundreds of jobs, invested millions in capital investments, technology upgrades, education programs, competitive benefits, and raises for staff members.


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