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Marsha Blackburn Report: Prioritizing Product Safety For Children

U.S. SenateWashington, D.C. – Cheaply made and counterfeit products from overseas — especially from China — can be dangerous.

That’s why I introduced Reese’s Law to encourage the industry to collaborate with the Consumer Product Safety Commission on ways to protect kids and families from products that are so poorly designed they may be life-threatening.

Especially during the Christmas season, product safety must be a priority.

Demanding Answers From President Joe Biden’s Department of Justice

For Tennessee moms and dads, having the opportunity to make the best choice for their child’s education is non-negotiable. Yet, President Joe Biden’s Department of Justice published a memo calling parents at school board meetings “domestic terrorists.”

This week, I joined members of the Senate Judiciary Committee to demand Attorney General Merrick Garland explain why the Biden administration is trying to silence concerned parents. 

Stopping Payments To Illegal Immigrants

President Biden’s border crisis has turned every town into a border town and every state into a border state. The $450,000 payments the administration wants to dole out to illegal immigrants will only make things worse.

When Americans are already struggling to make ends meet, it is unthinkable that the White House is considering throwing away our hard-earned tax dollars. I joined the Protect American Taxpayer Dollars from Illegal Immigration Act with my Senate colleagues to put an end to this outrageous plan.

Strengthening American Supply Chains

We’ve all seen how the supply chain crisis is hurting businesses and consumers, from product shortages to rapidly rising prices and job loss. Legislation I supported this week will help manufacturers and businesses get their supply chains back on track.

It will also keep states at the forefront of the conversation to ensure that states like Tennessee that lead the nation in manufacturing have the data they need to make critical operational decisions.

Supporting American Truckers

Truckers are the backbone of our economy. That’s why I requested the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration extend the hours that truckers can drive when they’re hauling critical goods such as food, gasoline, and healthcare supplies.

The waiver resulting from my request was extended this week until February. This will help to alleviate supply chain issues and support the trucking industry.

News You Can Use

Wishing a Happy Hanukkah to all who celebrate!

Great meeting with Jobs For Tennessee Graduates President John Dwyer this week to discuss how to empower young adults during career and college transitions with student-centered programs!

Marsha’s Roundup

Sending our athletes to Communist China would be dangerous. The WTA made the right decision to keep them safe.

Joe Biden’s Christmas gift to you? Inflation.

Instead of meeting the needs of the American people, Washington elitists have chosen to worsen their already struggling economy.

This week, I joined my colleagues in support of Attorney General Lynn Fitch and the state of Mississippi as we stand together to protect life.

President Biden and his administration understand little about the economy and even less about the American people.

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