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Clarksville Parking Commission suspends ParkMobile daily transactions temporarily

City of ClarksvilleClarksville, TN – The Clarksville Parking Commission voted to temporarily suspend ParkMobile daily transactions, effective Tuesday, February 15th, during a monthly parking commission meeting held at the Crow Recreation Center.

In the agenda, City Parking Manager Michael Palmore brought up concerns from the public about ParkMobile transaction fees after he previously made the operational decision to have ParkMobile charge $1.00 an hour for unlimited hours.

“The current price structure ParkMobile has does not support the price structure we have for our downtown meters,” Palmore said. “In all transparency, I made the decision to have ParkMobile change the rate to $1.00 an hour, which is cheaper than what our community pays at the meter.”

Currently, the downtown meters charge 25 cents for the first hour and 15 minutes and $2.00 for each additional hour with a daily max of four hours. Essentially, a customer would be paying a total of $6.25 for the limited four hours. This rate was the rate that existed before the City adopted the ParkMobile app.

The ParkMobile app charges $1.00 an hour for unlimited hours, plus a 35 cent convenience fee for each transaction. For example, if a customer wanted to park for four hours, they would practically be paying $4.35.

“I do want to apologize to the Parking Commission for making the change without consulting with them first,” Palmore said. “When you do the math, ParkMobile seems like the better option in terms of fees and convenience; however, I now realize that rates need to be discussed and approved by the members of the Parking Commission.”

The Parking Commission will hold a special session within the week to discuss the ParkMobile daily transaction rate and to determine if any changes are needed from a collective standpoint.

The temporary suspension does not affect the ParkMobile monthly transactions; customers can still pay for parking garages and can continue to use metered on-street parking spaces.


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