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Tennessee Lt. Governor Randy McNally releases statement on opposition to Ethics Legislation

Tennessee State GovernmentNashville, TN – Lt. Governor Randy McNally (R-Oak Ridge) made the following statement in reaction to opposition to SB1005:

“There are many blatant untruths circulating regarding the ethics reform bill Speaker Sexton and I have introduced. 

The bill in question does not censor or otherwise curtail conservative activism or free speech in any way. Anything conservative groups can do now, they can still do under this bill. The legislation does not restrict their activity at all. The only additional requirement is disclosure. 

Openness and transparency in the political process are prerequisites for freedom. For too long liberals, big corporations, and corrupt political actors have been allowed to exploit loopholes in our system and operate in darkness. 
The original Senate version, as well as the current House version, does not affect donors at all, just expenditures. It is simply a lie to say otherwise. 
This bill is aimed at bad actors like the fictitious Matthew Phoenix and the various shell companies and shadowy PACs used by certain legislators to line their own pockets.
It is amazing that various seemingly ‘legitimate’ groups are resorting to such disingenuous tactics to oppose it. Is it because they are spending so much that Tennesseans would be appalled if they knew? Or is it that they spend so little that they fear they would be exposed as political grifters working to enrich only themselves?
If you are working to influence the outcome of an election, the voters deserve to know who you are and what you are doing. What could possibly be wrong with that? The fact this is even in question demonstrates the need for the legislation.”


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