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A response to Sandy Castle’s Letter to the Editor

Tim BarnesShe wrote a letter to the editor which paraphrased says basically, “Don’t blame the Republicans, it’s all the Democrats fault”. She however mentioned only one candidate, Tim Barnes which made me respond. If she kept the letter as non-specific I might have let it pass. Anyway here is my response to her letter, “Give Republicans chance to get something done“.

When Democrats got together on the state and local levels there are always negative statements about Republicans. Tim Barnes wants to improve our schools, however, politicians have nothing to do with education except to promise more money. The National Education Association calls all the shots, and it literally would take an act from Congress to change things.

Tim Barnes isn’t just making vacant promises, he will deliver, if he’s elected. That’s the difference between the parties. The Republicans mouth the words, the Democrats, and other political parties actually want to deliver.

State workers bemoan their plight of better benefits and working conditions than most of us, If they desire improving their plight, get another job and not depend on the government to supply their needs.

It’s the right of all workers to strive to improve their lot. Not to “get another job and not depend on the government to supply their needs” We need skilled employees in our government.

Looks at the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans to see what happens when you get unskilled ones. Brownie was doing a “hecka job” wasn’t he! He was unqualified for the job, had no actual experience for the position he was placed in, and it clearly showed in his leadership of our disaster relief agencies. Thank you George Bush! You would have us to do the same to our state government, no thanks!

What most people don’t realize is that Democrats in Tennessee have controlled both houses for 140 years until 2004. Democrats hold the majority of committee chairs and, with backroom deals brokered with John Wilder, continue to do so. Republican bills hardly ever see the light of day by being held hostage in committee. Democrats have had such a stronghold in Tennessee that some have even changed parties in order to be elected.

Look at the House and Senate to see why having not having one party in full control is a good thing. We have torture apologists, we have secret prisons, secret warrants, warrantless electronic spying on Americans which was quietly enabled by willing telecom companies, the beneficiaries of Republican corporate consolidation friendly policies. We have massive media consolidation; We no longer get our news from a local perspective, only a national one; We have reports commissioned by our government to back up their position on media consolidation, which say that their media consolidation policies are hurting our nation, thus being quickly and quietly destroyed.

When we finally were able to elect Curtis Johnson to the House, he was accused of turning a deaf ear to constituents’ concerns. I personally have e-mailed him, sent numerous letters and have contacted him via phone, and not once did he ignore my concerns.

When calling any politician’s office, I’ve never been asked what party I voted for.

and lastly she said…

Republicans in Tennessee have only had the majority in the Senate for two years, and the Democrats have had over 140 years to get back to basics.

Why do these national events matter in our state races? Don’t you know all politics are local? Former US House Speaker Tip O’Neill said that, he was right. It’s time for all this to come home to roost for the Republican party. A party up until 2004 that I was a member of. None of these things could have happened without the Republican party abrogating their oversight responsibilities of the executive branch and they are responsible because they allowed all this to occur on their watch. They do not deserve another chance. It’s time for the Tennessee voters to send a message, one which will not be forgotten for at least another 140 years.

Bill Larson
Bill Larson
Bill Larson is  is politically and socially active in the community. Bill is a member of the Friends of Dunbar Cave. You can reach him via telephone at 931-249-0043 or via the email address below.


  1. I’m not familiar with the candidate you are discussing, but I think I can agree and disagree with both of you on this. Having a “D” or “R” behind your name does not make you one iota more caring or better equipped for service. It is the person whose name comes before the Party affiliation.

    I entered politics as a citizen who had enough of leadership in government that caters to the needs of corporations and special interest groups rather than serving the people who have elected them to office. I was born and bred a Southern Democrat, swung over to the Reagan revolution with many others. Since then I’ve voted Republican primarily with a few dashes over to the other side for the right person. Now I’m running as a candidate on the Republican ticket.

    On this side of the ballot box has been an education. I have met men and women that I admire on both sides of the aisle. And behind the scenes I’ve learned more than I really wanted to know about both Parties, the system, and who drives the masses to victory and how. And in November I will be casting a ballot for people that I know, and it will not be strictly according to the “D” or “R”.

    There are crooks and heroes in both Parties. In the end it comes down to who a person best feels will serve their needs. Do your homework, and vote accordingly.

  2. John, you are a welcome addition to the political landscape! A refreshing breath of fresh air. However rather than being saddled with the baggage of others you should think about eventually going independent. Then we can both stand on the sidelines and point and laugh wherever it’s warranted regardless the party of the person in question! Sounds fun doesn’t it :)

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