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Let’s Take Back The Tennessee House of Representative Seat for District 78

Bruce GibbsIn 2002 a new voting district was born, one that encompassed parts of Montgomery and Williamson Counties, but most of Cheatham County.  This, ignored and least talked about district, even among its constituents, is the Tennessee House of Representative seat for District 78.

How did this district begin being taken for granted you ask, and why isn’t a lot of talk circulating about this district?  Many point to the fact that the 8,050 registered Montgomery County voters that make up part of District 78 are being over looked due to the fact that the majority of the 78th District voters, over 30,000 of them, rest in Cheatham and Williamson Counties.

For once, let us take a look at where and how the 78th District lines fall in Montgomery County and how we can collectively come together as part of this district and have our voices heard.

The constituency based of Tennessee House of Representative seat District 78 lies partly on the northwest part of Montgomery County.  District 78 consists of the following voting precincts and locations.  Precinct 10 – Minglewood Elementary School, Precinct 7 – Woodlawn Elementary School, Precinct 6B – Bethel Baptist Church, and Precinct 4B – Central Civitan Building.

If you live near anyone of these locations mentioned above and are assigned to vote at one to the locations, chances are, you are in the 78th District and should register and vote so that our voice will be heard on the following issues.

  Those issues are community and family values, family, faith and church, education, minimum wage increase, keeping health care and drug costs down, better treatment and benefits for Active, Retired and Veteran members of the Armed Forces. Additionally, that District 78 and each city in it receive its fair share of state dollars for parks and quality of life issues such as a North Clarksville Public library. Top notch government ethics and tax control is a must.

  We certainly expect our elected officials to conduct themselves in an honest, trustworthy manner at all times and not to repeat the current violations of ethics that affected our current general assembly last year.

So, now that you are a little familiar with the location of District 78, let’s take a look at how we must energize and mobilize our vote to let the powers that be in Nashville know that we might make up only 8% of the voting population of District 78, but when 8% votes 100%, we have the power to decide which candidate will represent our best interest.

Town hall meetings like the one that will take place on Tuesday, September 19, 2006 with candidate “Bruce Gibbs”,  at the First Federal Savings Bank meeting room, 1800 Fort Campbell Blvd, Clarksville, TN starting at 6:30 p.m., are an excellent time for us to discuss what we want for our district.  This will also allow us to set the stage for our community to have its voice heard among the The Tennessee House of Representative members.

There was a time when we had proper and informative representation here in part of the 78th District.  That was during a time when long-time City Council member, Gabriel (Gabe) Segovia served our community.  Since his departure from office, our voices have not been heard, nor represented.  Northwest High school, Minglewood, Liberty and Woodlawn Elementary schools, as well as Montgomery Central High, Middle and Elementary Schools need a voice in the State Capitol that will rally for more educational money right now.

  Our children are our greatest investment and right now, some of our elected leaders are not investing in our children or our future.

Before I close this commentary, I would like to re-emphasize the importance of having the constituents of the Tennessee House of Representative seat for District 78 th understand that your vote does count and that your vote is your voice, as so well stated in the following quote from Louis L’Amour. Our words we should remember as we lobby our district for our cause.

  “To make democracy work, we must be a notion of participants, not simply observers.  One who does not vote has no right to complain.”

Terry McMoore
Constituent TN House of Representatives, District 78


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