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Chad Youth Enhancement Center still up and running after questionable deaths

The Chad Youth Enhancement CenterAs the investigation into the death of two youths in less than two years at the Chad Youth Enhancement Center begins to winds down, the call for Chad’s operating license to be revoked continues to grow among child safety advocates and civil rights groups like the Urban Resource Center.

In a press statement issued by URC director Terry McMoore, an immediate investigation was to be launched with the cooperation of several state agency’s, civic organizations and full media participation. Their hope was to get this multi-million dollar corporation shut down, or to at lest put CHAD under the microscope so as to prevent any more deaths at this facility.

McMoore said, “I have found the media reporting and news investigation to date both starling and very disturbing and I am sure you will to.” «Read the article at the Nashville Scene»



  1. I find this all appalling. I can’t believe this place is still open. I knew CHAD was terrible and had no idea what the childrens’ diagnosis meant in comparison to their treatment. Concerned nurses called me after my grandson was found in the fetal position after being jumped by several residents. He was also placed in isolation after attempting to run with several ‘Philly’ boys who used him as bait… he was told to run one way while they went another to escape. The Dr. was out of control, so was the Head Therapist. They lied to my grandson’s probation officer and tried to intimidate me. The staff had no morals and simply drew a paycheck. The CEO was never on site and the staff would intimidate and refuse to allow me to speak with him. Even after the report was made, I have yet to this day speak to or have contact with the mysterious CEO. How can our State allow this place to remain open and have gold standard accreditation!

  2. I am an ex resident of CHAD, I was at chad for 2 years and never saw any of these allegations. I Was very troubled with my behavior and was restrained a few times and never felt that it was abuse. Dr. Glasner and all the staff are good. the people who should be held accountable are the staff members that killed these children, not the center. The center is not the one who killed these children the staff members were, if it werent for the center i would not be the successful business owner i am now i would probably be dead or in jail. It is very easy to blame the center or different state agencies for this horriffic accident but sometimes we need to look at the true cause and once again that brings us back to the staff members. The only thing CHAD should be held responsible for is the fact that these staff members were hired by them.

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