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‘Uncounted’ uncovers “new math” of American elections, voting machines

co-uncounted-poster.jpgThe Belcourt Theatre will host the premiere screening of UNCOUNTED:The New Math of American Elections, this coming Monday night, November 12. The event includes a reception prior to the screening and a panel discussion on the film and its vitals issues after this premiere. If you are planning to attend this screening — and we hope you are — you may want to purchase your tickets online before the event!

UNCOUNTED exposes how Americans were cheated during the 2004 and 2006 elections – and how “enraged” voters have turned their anger into citizen activism – to safeguard the vote. Eyewitness accounts from whistleblowers are backed up by election experts in revealing how Jim Crow tactics, electronic voting machine security breaches, vote count manipulation, and illegal behavior by a major voting machine manufacturer all threaten the very core of our democracy – the vote. Democrats, Republicans, business leaders, elected officials, and rank and file voters are all part of a growing movement in America to correct an election system gone bad.


co-uncounted-david-earnhard.jpgThis new documentary by Nashville filmmaker David Earnhardt (left) focuses on the vulnerability of electronic voting machines, now being used in all but two Tennessee counties, as well as the numbers of people who were disenfranchised during recent elections.

David began the filming for Uncounted in 2005 at the National Election Reform Conference, an event which brought activists from more than thirty states to Nashville. Over the next two years David traveled the country gathering stories of everyday Americans who witnessed elections being manipulated and stolen.

Uncounted shows people taking action to try and right the wrongs of U.S. elections. The film features a variety of computer, statistical, and election experts who prove how the unethical or accidental manipulation of the vote has changed the outcomes of elections on local, state, and national levels.


Washington, DC rally protesting 2004 Ohio presidential election results Credit: EON – Ecological Options Network, image used with permission

The Belcourt Theater screening will begin at 6:30 PM with a wine and cheese reception celebrating the theatrical premiere of Uncounted. The film will begin at 7PM and will be followed by a half-hour panel discussion featuring the filmmaker and three citizen activists who are informed and concerned about this issue. The admission price for the entire evening is $8. Ticket proceeds will benefit Gathering to Save Our Democracy and Common Cause, two organizations working to insure there is a paper record, verified by the voter, of every vote cast in Tennessee.

Tickets can be purchased at the door or online at the Belcourt Theatre. Copies of the film are on DVD and will be available for purchase at the premiere; if you are unable to attend the premiere, are available online.

We are hoping to have a full house for the premiere — and we are hoping that you will become interested in this vital issue and join us in telling our legislators and election officials that we must have voter-verified paper ballots!

See you at the Belcourt on Monday, November 12. Please pass this on to others who want to make sure that their vote will be counted in 2008!

This announcement was submitted by Bernie Ellis, Founder of Gathering to Save Our Democracy, and Dick Williams, Chairman of Common Cause Tennessee.

Photo Credits: UNCOUNTED filmmaker, David Earnhardt. Photo by Tim Campbell. DVD Cover by Locomotion Creative.


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