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Cut oil companies corporate welfare

co-congress.jpgThe House has passed H.R. 6, a bill containing moderate energy reforms. The best part of this action is a repeal of $13.5 billion in tax breaks for oil companies. Haven’t they been reporting record profits? Some Republicans objected to the repeal, and hope that it can be taken out when the bill goes to the Senate. Aren’t we looking for a way to reduce the federal deficit? Democrats are ‘supposedly’ guilty of tax-and-spend. The current administration is just ‘spend’.

The bill raises fuel efficiency standards, requiring that cars average 35 miles per gallon by the year 2020. Although this is quite modest compared to other countries standards, it represents the first US increase in efficiency standards in over 30 years.

The bill also mandates that some of the electricity produced by utilities come from renewable sources. Contact your legislators to support this minimal change to US energy policy. Support H.R. 6

Beth Robinson
Beth Robinson
Tennessee native. Computer Systems Analyst - 30+ year career in computer industry. B.S. Computer Science, 1983 TTU. M.A. Instructional Technology, 1999 APSU. She is a member of the Friends of Dunbar Cave,  Tennessee Tree Steward,  The Climate Project, Audubon,  Sierra Club, World Wildlife Fund, League of Conservation Voters, an active member of the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Clarksville (UUFC), UU Service Committee, and UUFC Social Action chairperson / Green Sanctuary chairperson / Youth group advisor.


  1. Though I agree with the idea of removing tax breaks for companies with record profits, I think congress has failed to reduce the taxes on fuel that WE pay which would be much more than $13 billion per year. It seems our leaders at the local, state, and federal government could reduce these taxes on fuel if they are so concerned about the people. Though oil comanies are making record profits (as many companies are), they are NO match for the revenue generated by taxes.

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