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City Judge salary restored


The City Council decision to restore the City Judge salary to $25,000 per annum was the right thing to do.

Ward 10 Councilman Bill Summers, sponsored the amendment to restore the salary from $12,000 back to $25,000 pending further study. In his City Council online newsletter, Summers said of the Tuesday night decision to reinstate the salary for that position:

Another major change or amendment to the initial budget vote was the restoring of the pay schedule for the City Judge position. I sponsored this amendment. The reason for the change was due to examining the time study data presented at the initial budget meeting vote this past Saturday. My career expertise is work analysis and the workload that drives it. I do not think the data presented was incorrect, but it was incomplete. One of the items you must review in such a study is the time period of the work audit. Is it representative of a normal work period or schedule? Usually such studies look at a year of data and we had 2.5 months.

Editor’s Note: The initial version of this story incorrectly attributed the initial reduction in salary to an amendment sponsored by Councilman Bill Summers when in fact it was Councilman Wayne Harrison’s amendment. We apologize for any inconvenience. «Read the rest of this article»

Civil War Army-Navy Exhibit on display July 4-6 at Fort Donnelson


Dover, Tennessee — Collectors and amateur historians alike will enjoy a weekend of Civil War naval and army artifacts and replica gunboats. The Army-Navy Exhibit returns to Fort Donelson National Battlefield, July 4-6.

Kraig Lawson and Jack Barnhart, owners of the collection, will display their collection in the Visitor Center, located on Hwy 79 in Dover. This exhibit contains personal items from U.S. soldiers, army and navy uniforms, and relics from the ironclad the USS Cairo (recovered in 1963). Lawson will also display one of his replica model ironclad gunboats, which take approximately 3-5 years to construct. «Read the rest of this article»

Like the Phoenix, Tandoor rises anew!


The much anticipated return of a unique face brightens Clarksville’s dining universe. Taste sensations and delights once again beckon the sophisticated diner!

With a hushed whish of the doors, Clarksville regained a unique and genuine jewel of sophisticated dining with the return of the Indian cuisine specialty eatery, Tandoor Indian Restaurant.

“Tandoor,” as frequent diners have come to call this subdued palace of taste delights, is now located at 2868 Wilma Rudolph Boulevard in Hampton Station. New to Tandoor is its Lunch Buffet, offering colorful dishes of Indian cuisine.

The buffet line from the left

Temptation is the new $6.99 lunch buffet at the “new” Tandoor

In January, 2008, owner Nasir Hakeem, announced his plans to rebuild the popular restaurant, a plan that has now come to fruition with the Grand Opening July 1st of the new Tandoor. Fans of the popular eatery were lining up, waiting for the doors to open. «Read the rest of this article»

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The Artist’s Voice: An exhibition featuring artists with disabilities


The Artist’s Voice: An Exhibition Featuring Tennessee Artists With Disabilities is on display in the Conte Community Arts Gallery at Nashville’s Frist Center for the Visual Arts. The juried exhibition presents more than 50 paintings, prints, sculptures, digital art and documentary film created by 54 Tennessee artists, who each live with a disability. Admission is free for this exhibition, which will continue through Sept. 14.

The artists and their works were selected by a juried panel from more than 400 submissions. The works featured in the exhibition have an expressive force and sense of beauty that transcend any limitations that might be imposed by their makers’ disabilities. The artists’ personal circumstances often inform their art, as well as their chosen media. Some of the works explore an artist’s daily struggles of living with a disability; others convey a positive outlook, rich with vitality and raw energy that is often achieved through the use of bright, bold color. Intertwining themes of strength, resilience, fragility, contentment and endurance can be seen throughout this exhibition. Though each work stands on its own artistic merit, the individual stories of their creators make the art even more engaging and awe inspiring. «Read the rest of this article»

Our beautiful Tennessee Smoky Mountains under attack by mining interests


Zeb Mountain before Mining Not too far from Knoxville in Campbell County, TN there used to be a mountain (pictured at left). If you’ll keep reading, you’ll see what it has become. It is incredible to me that strip mining was bad enough to be outlawed in the 1970’s and yet mountain top removal mining, which is much worse environmentally, is still legal in 2008 (well, sort of legal, if you don’t count filling the streams with dirt, killing fish and wildlife, and leaving these huge slurry ponds of toxic sludge, which is technically against the Tennessee clean water laws). On July 20, 2008 at 1p.m. there will be a March on the former Zeb Mountain to protest further mountain top removal (MTR) mining in Tennessee. «Read the rest of this article»

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