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Matthew Walker Health Center adds Dispensary of Hope support

Matthew Walker Comprehensive Health Center in Clarksville now providing free medications, dispensing hope to the uninsure. Solution made possible through partnership with the Dispensary of Hope.

mwlogopicThe  Matthew Walker Comprehensive Health Center, which has served the Middle Tennessee community for over 40 years, announced today a new partnership with a growing network of pharmacies and clinics to provide free prescription medicines to uninsured individuals in Montgomery County.

This network of care is powered by Nashville-based, Dispensary of Hope, a statewide and national network of dispensing sites, sourcing partners and financial partners that assist poor and underserved individuals in getting the medications they need for the short and long-term.

“The rising cost of medication and the current economic challenges have created hardships for many of our patients. The Dispensary of Hope gives us just that – hope for healthy patients, healthy communities.” ~~ Dr. Michelle Williams, Medical Director for Matthew Walker Comprehensive Health Center.

The Dispensary of Hope at the  Matthew Walker Comprehensive Health Center  is scheduled to be operational by February 2nd and will join 13 other pharmacies across Tennessee in providing this service.  The  dispensary will be located at 230 Dover Road.

“No one should be deprived of medications because of an inability to pay for them.  The Dispensary of Hope is proud to partner with Matthew Walker Comprehensive Health Center to compliment the excellent service they already provide to the community.”

“To date, we’ve helped tens of thousands Tennesseans, in 6 counties, get the medications they need to live a healthy life, and we are pleased to initiate our services in Clarksville , Tennessee.  It’s one way we are chipping away at covering the 1 million uninsured individuals across Tennessee .” ~~  Scott Cornwell, Managing Director of The Dispensary of Hope.

There are approximately 17,192 uninsured people currently living in Montgomery County.

“I am pleased to welcome the Dispensary of Hope to our community,” said State Representative Joe Pitts of Clarksville , Tennessee .  “The Dispensary of Hope will have a tremendous impact on the lives of many and we are fortunate to offer their services to our most needy residents.”

For more information about the Dispensary of Hope, Matthew Walker Comprehensive Health Center call 931-920-5000 or visit www.dispensaryofhope.org.

About Matthew Walker Comprehensive Health Center

Matthew Walker Comprehensive Health Center (MWCHC), established in 1968, serves Middle Tennessee residents who are medically underserved and underinsured.  MWCHC is a medical, dental and diagnostic facility with its administrative office located at 1035 14th Avenue North in Nashville , and a second clinic site in Clarksville , Tennessee at 230 Dover Road . For more information call 615-327-9400.

About the Dispensary of Hope

Founded in 2003, the Dispensary of Hope is the leading provider of pharmaceuticals to uninsured patients through a growing network of dispensing sites across the country sustained by local partnerships.  The Dispensary has collected more than $15 million in pharmaceuticals and filled more than 104,000 prescriptions for patients who otherwise couldn’t afford them.  Current partnerships include Schering Plough, Ozburn-Hessey Logistics and UPS.  For more information visit www.dispensaryofhope.org.


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