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Houston County Airport to benefit from state aeronautics grant

State Senator Tim Barnes announces state grant for Houston County aviation and industry recruitment efforts. Money for county facility will help the area compete for companies that hire.

State Senator Tim Barnes,D-District 22
State Senator Tim Barnes (D)

Senator Tim Barnes said that a grant for Houston County’s airport is the kind of investment that helps the area compete for companies with good-paying jobs.

“Our rural airports, like the one in Houston County, are important to their communities, Senator Barnes said. “They need to have their facilities  in top shape because they are part of the total package when a company is looking for a place to locate.”

Governor Phil Bredesen and the state Department of Transportation announced last week that the Houston County Airport would receive $3,150 as part of an aeronautics grant. The funding will be used for tree trimming. Senator Barnes added that this facility needs to be a competitive part of the statewide transportation network. “When a major company requires this kind of facility for its executives, we want to be in the game to compete for jobs.”

Senator Barnes represents Cheatham, Houston, and Montgomery Counties. You may contact his office by email at: <sen.tim.barnes@capitol.tn.gov> or 1-800-449-8366, extension 1-2374 or via postal mail at 305 War Memorial Bldg, Nashville, TN 37 243-0222.



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