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The Leaf Chronicle takes City Councilwoman’s statement out of context

Candy Johnson, City Council Ward 5
Candy Johnson, City Council Ward 5

There seems to be a statement made in the Leaf Chronicle about me saying $81,000 is not a significant amount of money. I personally feel it was taken out of the context in which I intended it to be. Here is the reality of the statement I made.

The Ward 2 city councilwoman Deanna McLaughlin said that the purpose of her beer ordinance was so that we can create a new revenue stream and to ease the burden for those who want to buy beer before the Titans game or going fishing. I feel there may have been selfish motives behind this ordinance, and so did not buy into the “creating additional stream of revenue response.” So I made the statement that $81,000 was not a significant amount of money to be proposing this ordinance in regards to a city budget of  $71 million. To me personally it is a large amount of money; however I did not base this on my personal finances, I was looking at the city’s finances.

If people will remember $81,000 is around what it cost to fix the lighting for one park and for other parks it’s even more than that. I am not opposed to bringing additional revenue into the city, however this was not an appropriate way to do so.

The fundamental issue is about having a reverence and respect for Sunday which is observed nationwide as a special day, religious or not. I will not compromise on this, and respect what the majority of what my constituents asked me to do, and that is vote “no.”

Thank you!
Candy Johnson

Candy Johnson
Candy Johnson
Candy Johnson is a Clarksville native. She is married to Bryan Johnson, and they have one daughter. Mrs. Johnson has a BA in Public Management with a minor in leadership studies from Austin Peay State University, she also received a Master of Public Administration degree from Murray State University. She is employed by the Clarksville-Montgomery County School System, and currently represents Ward 5 in the Clarksville City Council. She is a member of the Finance, Parks and Recreation, and Community Housing Committees for the City of Clarksville, serves on the Animal Control Board for Montgomery County, and volunteers on several community boards. Candy is an active member of Fifth Ward Missionary Baptist Church. She is a member of several professional organizations including but not limited to Omicron Delta Kappa National Leadership Honors Society, Alpha Sigma Alpha, and Order of Omega greek honors Society.

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