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The National League of Junior Cotillions releases The Official Book of Electronic Etiquette


There’s no more excuse for poor electronic etiquette! Whether you’re sending an email, tweeting, or texting, this handbook has all the do’s and don’ts.

When is it inappropriate to use your cell phone in public? According to The Official Book of Electronic Etiquette, you should never place or receive a call, or allow the phone to ring or beep during a meal, meeting, religious service, wedding, or funeral. What is the proper etiquette for using your laptop in the office? This new reference advises against checking your e-mail, pulling up an Internet site, playing an electronic game, or working on a file unrelated to the purpose of the meeting.

If you have ever considered these questions, then The Official Book of Electronic Etiquette is perfect for you.

Written by Charles and Anne Winters, the founders of the National League of Junior Cotillions, this accessible and lively handbook provides up-to-date information on all your modern electronic needs?from music manners to MySpace messages. It even has guidelines on fax, copier, and printer protocol as well as airline etiquette and credit card courtesies, and the handbook is complete with a parents’ guide to electronic etiquette for their children. Here are a few etiquette tips for everyday use:

  • Explain in advance if you must answer your phone while in a social or business situation. Ask the caller to hold, then excuse yourself and exit the room before continuing the call.
  • When watching television, keep comments to a minimum so as not to disturb others. Wait until a commercial break to offer your opinions or questions.
  • In regards to Facebook and MySpace, assume that everything written about you will become publically available.
  • On LinkedIn, congratulate others on a new job or promotion.
  • If you must use your laptop on a flight, request a window seat. You’ll find a little more space, and you can angle the screen for maximum privacy.

“What you say in a text message or voice mail reflects your personality as much as a handshake.”

?from The Official Book of Electronic Etiquette

With an easy question-and-answer format and a full, comprehensive index, The Official Book of Electronic Etiquette will help you, your family, and your associates keep the focus on good manners and courtesy in this  electronic age.

The Official Book of Electronic Etiquette
By Charles Anthony Winters and Anne Colvin Winters
Skyhorse Publishing Hardcover Original
On Sale: October 30, 2010
ISBN: 978-1-61608-102-7
Price: $ 14.95

About the Authors

Charles Anthony Winters and Anne Colvin Winters are the founders of the National League of Cotillions, the acclaimed organization that trains and licenses directors to establish local etiquette training programs. The first chapter was established in North Carolina in 1978, and the national expansion of the program began in 1989. Today, thousands of students are being taught etiquette, social dance, and character education in hundreds of cotillions programs presented by chapters in over 30 states.


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