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West Creek High School Awards Students Academic Honors

Clarksville, TN – One week ago today West Creek High School held its Academic Honors Ceremony recognizing the students who excelled throughout the school year. During the ceremony almost $500,000 in scholarships were presented to West Creek High School students.

Clarksville Mayor Kim McMillan, City Council Woman Candy Johnson, and Kay Martin  attended on behalf of the Clarksville-Montgomery County Education Foundation.

Clarksville Mayor Kim McMillan congratulating students as they receive the Clarksville-Montgomery County Education Foundation's Academic Award
Clarksville Mayor Kim McMillan congratulating students as they receive the Clarksville-Montgomery County Education Foundation's Academic Award

Mayor McMillian said “I was so proud to be part of the annual Awards Recognition Program, which has recognized the academic achievements of students in this community for 22 years now. As a board member for the Clarksville-Montgomery County Education Foundation as well as the Mayor of Clarksville, Tennessee I realize how vital education is to us all and to our progress as a city. I hope these awards encourage our young people to continue to excel in their studies, as well as inspire other students to reach higher in their academic pursuits.”

West Creek High School Principal Tosha Diggs speaking to her students
West Creek High School Principal Tosha Diggs speaking to her students

Principle Tosha Diggs was justifiably proud of her students, “We are very proud of all of our students and were happy to be able to recognize them, particularly with their parents present, and in front of their classmates so that other students can have a goal as to what they want to achieve in their next few years in high school.”   She continued, ” We also want to thank our faculty members for participating in the program and recognizing many of our students for their in school academic achievements. So we are very proud of them as well as the students who took part in the program representing other activities; like the West Creek High School JROTC cadets who presented the colors, and Drisana Garrard,  the young lady who sang the national anthem.”

Kenny York from Mana Cafè Ministries was presented with the Community Focused Group Award for his work feeling the hungry in our community.

Kenny York from Mana Cafè Ministries speaks to students after receiving the Community Focused Group Award
Kenny York from Mana Cafè Ministries speaks to students after receiving the Community Focused Group Award

This will be the second graduating class for West Creek High School,  and the school has already established a strung reputation for striving for academic excellence in the community.

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Below is a list of the awards and scholarships and the students who received them.

Awards and Scholarships

College Scholarships

Trey Barbour

  • Carson Newman C-N Award – $38, 000
  • Carson Newman College: Fite First Choice Scholarship – $16, 000
  • MTSU Raider Scholarship – $1, 000 one time award
  • TN Wesleyan College – $38, 000

Brittany Blair

  • APSU Presidential Scholarship – $20, 000

Darius Childs

  • Carson-Newman Athletic Scholarship for Football and Track – $28, 300 per year

Edward Chung

  • UT University Scholarship – $4, 000
  • UT Volunteer Scholarship – $10, 000

Jocetta Dennis

  • UT Chattanooga – $12, 000

Jacob Fehser

  • APSU Center of Excellence for the Creative Arts Performance Scholarship – $1, 000

Carey Fifer

  • Salve Regina University Presidential Scholarship – $48, 000
  • Salve Regina University Hearst Scholarship – $1, 000 a year, renewable

Brenna Foley

  • APSU Smith Award – $1, 000
  • APSU Honors Program Scholarship – $1, 000

Joshua Graham

  • Middle Tennessee State University Honors Scholarship

Adam Harris

  • UT Volunteer Scholarship – $10, 000
  • UT Achieve the Dream Scholarship – $12, 000

Stephen Jackson

  • Sewanee-The University of the South – $18, 000

Greg Jeffries

  • Embry Riddle – $12, 000

Elodie Kruk

  • UT Knoxville Academic Scholarship – $40, 000

Brittany Multbay

  • APSU Smith Award – $1, 000

Brionna Rand

  • Union University Alumni Leadership – $1, 250 per year
  • Union TBC Award – $2, 000 per year

Aaron Vick

  • University of Memphis Dean’s Scholarship – Aaron Vick, $12, 000

Special Scholarships

AVID Scholarship – $1, 000

  • Veronica Cordova
  • Ariel Elliott
  • Brenna Foley

The Heritage Bank Scholarship Fund – $500

  • Brittany Blair

 High School Upward Bound Bridge Scholarship – $1, 600

  • Marguerite Armstead
  • JoCetta Dennis

American Legion Scholarship $500

  • Ariel Elliott


JROTC Scholarship – $28, 000 for room and board

  • Elodie Kruk

Special Recognitions


National Scholar/Athlete Reserve Award

  • Elodie Kruk
  • Zavion Williams

United States Marine Corps Distinguished Athlete Award

  • Jalon Taylor
  • Darius Childs
  • ShaRonika Jones
  • Elodie Kruk

United States Marine Corps Scholastic Excellence Award

  • Veroncia Cordova

United States Marine Corps Semper Fidelis Award for Musical Excellence

  • Megan Kuhns



Shelby Marie Ahlers   Adam Joel Harris
Brittany Marie Blair   Sharonica Moniqua Jones
Domenique Jamal Braswell   Na Hyun Kim
Edward Hun Chung   Elodie Denise Kruk
Essence Alisia Clemons   Dounia Marzouk
Veronica Cordova   Brittany Nicole Maultbay
Ariel Denise Elliott   Mary-Jane Chidimma Offor
Brenna Paige Foley   Brionna Lynn Rand
Joshua Xavier Graham   John Emory Blake Sikes
Amanda Kirsten Gregory   Amber Elizabeth Spann

Clarksville-Montgomery County Education Foundation Academic Awards

First Year Recipients

10th Grade

Keyana Monyque Adams   Alaina Elizabeth Koziol
Devin Jacob Anderson   Virginia Abigale Grace Leedy
Khianna Brittany Anthony   Michelle Marie Mejia
Emily Yumi Aukland   Sydney Claire Mercier
Natasha Fay Bailey   Vida Jean Mosby
Judith Anne Bartman   Elvis Chukwunonso-Offor
Nathan Gabrial Borrero   Zachary Stephan Panczer
Aaliyah Rachell Burroughs   Juliet Silang Quebatay
Jennifer Ann Card   Emily Meagan Reeve
Cierra Michelle Carter   Austin James Ridderhoff
Raven Ri’Kenya Coffey   Cody Isaiah Rifle
Veronica Lee Comfort   Autumn Danielle Rosier
Lisa Hua Coward   Nathan Ryan Roy
Lilliana Elaina Dawkins   Destinee Joy Schroeder
Leann Nicole Demorest   Victoria Destiny Simpson
Danielle Leanne DeWesee   Cassidy Brooke Smith
Erika Cristina Feliciano-NieIes   Kellie Nicole Smith
Jasrnin Nicole Floyd   Phillip Jordan
Jye Nikia Foreman   Kirstyn Joelle Stevens
Gerald Levon Gorham   Megan Diane Ulrick
Hannah Joy Grider   Stephanie Alexandra Underhill
Bradley Timothy Guiles   Danielle Nicole Vucko
Tessa Nicole Hall   Taylor Leigh Wallace
Rachael Kelsey Hasselstrom   Taylor Williamitis
Joshua Mark Henderson   Drew Mitchell Williams
Sarah Marie Himes   Andrew Michael Williamson
Jasemine Denise Jackson   Ciarra Janae’ Woodfork
Ashley Reed Kipp   Lauren Alexis Woodson

11th Grade

Victoria Noelani Garza   Megan Ellen McGraw
Gabrielle Faye Gilliam   Josie Mercier
Samantha Izzary   Adrian Racquel Miller
Khamal Marcus Kendrick   Joshua Alexander Rosado-Mendez
Beijie Lin   Lauren Danielle Williamitis

12th Grade

Shelby Marie Ahlers   Chelsea Lynn Hanna
JoCetta Tevonni Carmela Dennis   Taylor Elloi Polydore
Jacob Randy Fehser   John Emory Blake Sikes
Joshua Xavier Graham   Crystal Leigh Summers
Jeffrey Palomar Grandin   Aaron Matthew Vick
Haley Morgan Hand   Andrea Leigh Watters

Second Year Recipients

11th Grade

Mary Katherine Baker   Ji Yoon Hwang
Jasmine JaNay Banks   Brooke Moncheire Jackson
Casey Michele Blew   Haley Nadine Kipp
Clarence C.J. Board   Krista Michelle LaRocca
Breanne Mikaela Campos   Adriana Isabel Larsen
Tracy Marie Casaday   Christine Marie Lee
Paul Jaeyoung Chong   Christopher Michael Lee
Matthew Joseph Pedro Cruz   Destinee Kay Levis
Jasmine Marie Cunningham   Christopher Arno Morgan
Sheree Anne Dennis   Layra Navarro-Flores
Desiree Renate Dube   Jay Raley Pickett
Rachel Nichole Gaudet   Alicia Brianna Walker
Danielle Shannon Harvey   Dustin Christopher Wallace
Dayle Jordan Hoefling   Shamarion Sernone Winston
Coralynn Michelle Howell   Austin Richard Wyer

12th Grade

Amanda Kirsten Gregory   NaHyun Kopko

3rd Year Recipients

Brittany Marie Blair   Sharonica Moniqua Jones
Domenique Jamal Braswell   Elodie Denise Kruk
Edward Hun Chung   Dounia Marzouk
Essence Alisia Clemons   Brittany Nicole Maultbay
Veronica Cordova   Mary-Jane Chidimma Offor
Ariel Denise Elliott   Brionna Lynn Rand
Brenna Paige Foley   Amber Elizabeth Spann
Adam Joel Harris   Sheabrianna Nicole Vazquez
Heidi Kathleen Hedstrom    

West Creek High School Department Awards

Outstanding CTE Students

  • Outstanding Criminal Justice Award: Dounia Marzouk
  • Outstanding Engineering Technology Student: Christopher Morgan
  • Outstanding Carpentry Student: LaVonte Corbin
  • Outstanding Health Science: Student: Emily Reeve
  • Outstanding Media Production Student: Aundria Kendrick
  • Outstanding Business Student: Kirsten Gregory
  • Outstanding Family and Consumer Science Student: Crystal Summers

Outstanding English Student

  • 9th grade: Hiral Patel and Jerome Cunningham
  • 10th grade: Samantha Scarbrough and Emily Reeve
  • 11th grade: Marthe Clausen and Khamal Kendricks
  • 12th grade: Malcolm Smith and Jazzmine King

Outstanding Social Studies Student

  • 9th grade: Jerome Cunningham and Hailey Reeve
  • 10th grade: Cierra Carter and Leann Demorest
  • 11th grade: Rachel Gaudet and Austin Wyer
  • 12th grade: Amber Spann and Amanda Gregory

Outstanding Math Student

  • 9th grade: Zachary O’Dell and Arthur Chung
  • 10th grade: Emily Reeve and Nathan Roy
  • 11th grade: Austin Wyer and Audri Larsen
  • 12th grade: Elodie Kruk and Brittany Blair

Outstanding Foreign Language Student

  • 9th Grade: Hailey Reeve and Carah Lockett
  • 10th Grade: Jye Foreman and Emily Reeve
  • 11th Grade: Paul Chong and James Petty
  • 12th Grade: Zachary Gilland and Ashanti Smith

Outstanding Fine Arts Students

  • Outstanding Senior Actress: Kristine Wagner
  • Outstanding Senior Actor: Jonathon Hall
  • Synergy Studio Outstanding Troupe Member: Tyler Rogers and Brier Riggs.

Outstanding Art Students


  • 9th Grade: Jon Agtani andTaylor Ewert
  • 10th Grade: Sydney Mercier and Taylor Metzner
  • 11th Grade: Viren Patel and Lauren Williamits
  • 12th Grade: Nathanael Dixon and Lyndsay Evetts

Outstanding Science Student

  • 9th Grade: Hailey Reeve and Jerome Cunningham
  • 10th Grade: Emily Reeve and Zach Panczer
  • 11th Grade: Adriana Larsen and Anthony Do
  • 12th Grade: Ariel Elliott and Domenique Braswell

Senior Beta Awards

Trey Barbour   Brenna Foley
Matthew Berry   Heidi Hedstrom
Edward Chung   ShaRonika Jones
Essence Clemons   Na Hyun Kim
Veronica Cordova   Elodie Kruk
Anessa Estrada   Dounia Marzouk
Lyndsay Evetts   John Sikes
Carey Fifer   Jalon Taylor

National Honor Society


Domenique Braswell   Megan Kuhns
Edward Chung   Dounia Marzouk
Lyndsay Evetts   ZaQuesysha Pierce
Carey Fifer   John Sikes
Joshua Graham   Travis Turman
Amanda Gregory   Sheabrianna Vazquez
NaHyun Kim   Aaron Vick
Elodie Kruk   Ashlee Walton


Jasmine Banks   Adriana Larsen
Casey Blew   Destinee Levis
Tracy Casaday   Megan McGraw
Ariel Catus   Asanti McRae
Paul Chong   Josie Mercier
Matthew Cruz   Christopher Morgan
Jasmine Cunningham   Barbara Mosby
Sheree Dennis   Layra Navarro Flores
Desiree Dube   James Petty
Maria Escobales Bonilla   Jay Pickett
Victoria Garza   Anyssa Roberts
Rachel Gaudet   De’Anthony Smith
Danielle Harvey   Aysen Soriano
Dayle Hoefling   Dustin Wallace
Catherine Huey Jourdain   Lauren Willamitis
Ji Yoon Hwang   Shamarion Winston
Jun Kyo Jung   Austin Wyer
Aundria Kendrick    


Khianna Anthony   Juliet Quebatay
Emily Aukland   Emily Reeve
Aaliyah Burroughs   Cody Riffe
Cierra Carter   Destinee Schroeder
Raven Coffey   Victoria Simpson
Leann Demorest   Kellie Smith
Gerald Gorham   Cassidy Smith
Tessa Hall   Briahna Sugars
Tonika Ingram   Danielle Vucko
Alaina Koziol   Taylor Williamitis
Virginia Leedy   Lauren Woodson
Sydney Mercier    

Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Medal of Merit

Trey Barbour   Zari Ledet
Monterrius Bates   ZaQuestsha Pierce
Porscha Carmichael   Taylor Polydore
Carey Fifer   Solomon Teklay
Tiffany Gaines   Aaron Vick
Josh Graham   Natalie Walker
Stephen Jackson   Domenique Braswell
ShaRonica Jones   Sheabrianna Vazquez

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