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Listen to WJZM’s Clarksville in Review with Hank Bonecutter

Written by Nick Steward

City of ClarksvilleClarksville, TN – This Saturday I will be on WJZM 1400am’s Clarksville in Review.I will be discussing the events which took place on Thursday evening’s budget meeting and what it means for the tax payers of Clarksville.

Last nights vote for the Mayor’s budget ended in a 6-6 tie resulting in the Mayor breaking the tie with her yes vote. The fact that the council is so divided about the level of spending, and amount of one time funds used to “balance” this proposed budget should cause concern for the people of Clarksville.

I will be on live tomorrow Saturday the 25nd of June. Listen to the show from 8:00am Central Time until 10:00am Central Time. Thanks for your support. Tune in and listen live online by clicking here.


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