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Radical Mission provides much needed assistance for those in need

Clarksville, TN – 5-1/2 years ago The Clarksville First Church of the Nazarene saw a need in our community that had to be met. They had people who would come in to the Church from the streets needing food, shelter, and other things. Out of this need emerged a new Radical Mission for the church, embracing our community through compassion, and so that is what they named it.

“People who come to us for help are Friends and neighbors first, not just clients” said Brett Smith, the Director of Radical Mission Compassionate Ministries at Clarksville First Church of the Nazarene.

Radical Mission helps 50-60 families a week, around 250 a month with a wide variety of services. Some of the situations referenced included single moms are seeking assistance; Eight people living together in a small space, a lot of homeless, and especially a lot of people who are unemployed.  “We meet them wherever they are at. It’s the beginning of the process. Then we listen and ascertain how we can best help, then we move accordingly.” said Smith

“Things are getting worse out there,” said Emman Chapman, Chief Operating Officer for the Charity. “The intensity has really grown over the last couple of years. Currently we are seeing mostly older folks in huge waves, people who have worked their whole lives and with the tightening economy, they are getting forced into situations where they need assistance.”

To help Radical Mission offers a variety service to assist those in need including financial counseling; Eviction and Foreclosure prevention; help with Food and clothing; and they work with other agencies to help people find jobs, housing, and/or transportation.

But one of the biggest needs Radical Mission sees is helping people to restore relationships. In many instances the relationships that give a people their sense of humanity are broken and need repair. No matter their situation, people need intact relationships with God, their neighbors, and their families.

Radical Mission feels that God’s assistance can often come in peculiar ways, but most the most visible is sby people helping people. They are always open to people coming in and volunteering to help their neighbors. “We work with what we have got an always have. When people come here to volunteer we identify their gifts, abilities, and figure out how they can best help others,” said Smith.

In addition to volunteers they can use:

  • Financial support, We welcome individual and corporate donations. We make every dollar count
  • Food donations
  • Clothing

Gardeners can volunteer their time helping with Radical Mission’s Community Garden, or they can donate excess produce from their home gardens. Having fresh produce is hard to come by when you are in financial difficulties. Eating right is expensive, so getting that type of donation can be gift from God.

Comedy on the Cumberland has picked Radical Mission for their next charity to support in a show to be held on Tuesday night, at 7:00pm  at the Roxy Regional Theater. Three great comics will be performing. Eric Hunter, Gary Dull and “Big John” Richardson.

“We are thrilled that comedy on the cumberland has picked us as a group to support. It’s a real honor. We would like to see it become a regular partnership.” said Smith. “We are looking at using funds to be able to expand our facilities. We have grown to the point where we are growing beyond the space the church has available.” added Chapman.

Comedy on the Cumberland is presented by F&M bank, Wendys and Wyatt Johnson, along with the Roxy Theater.

As of the time of this writing, 15 Tickets are still available. Tickets are on sale now at F&M bank in Historic Downtown Clarksville, or online at www.comedyonthecumberland.com, or www.boneheadpromotions.com.

To learn more about Radical Mission visit their web site: http://www.radicalmission.org/

Bill Larson
Bill Larson
Bill Larson is  is politically and socially active in the community. Bill is a member of the Friends of Dunbar Cave. You can reach him via telephone at 931-249-0043 or via the email address below.

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