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Dr. Dale Brown to host Maximized Living Make-Over event

Marathon ChiropracticClarksville, TN –  Maximized Living along with Marathon Chiropractic is hosting “Resolve:  The New Year’s Weight Loss Challenge”. This life-changing event will be held February 2nd, 2013, at Xtreme Ministries, Fort Campbell Boulevard.

This event will share the latest research behind healthful weight loss, so people can establish—and maintain—a proper weight. The event offers a 30-day weight loss challenge, but it is not about body image, rather, its goal is to re-establish the proper function of the human body.

In its ideal state, the body regulates all processes and hormones efficiently.  Everyday factors like poor nutrition, inactivity, mental stress and even poor posture interfere with the body’s capacity to function.

At the Make Over event, Dr. Dale Brown will address a few simple concepts that will help people of all ages restore proper hormone function and manage weight naturally.

You Will Learn

  • How common food sources inhibit the function of leptin, the weight-loss hormone.
  • Why traditional cardiovascular exercise encourages overeating and the storage of fat.
  • How reparable irregularities in the nervous system can interfere with thyroid function.
  • Why low-fat and non-fat foods cause steady weight gain.
  • How sugar damages the function of insulin and the immune system.

Xtreme Ministries“The word ‘resolution’ actually means ‘fixed purpose.’  Yet, with nearly all resolutions ending by January 3rd, clearly resolutions are far from fixed,” said Dr. Ben Lerner, co-founder of Maximized Living. “The sad part is that the goals people set are important to their lives, to their families, and to their life’s work.  That’s why we created a program that will not create a loose resolution, but a certain revolution.  This event is designed to be truly transformational.”

About Dr. Dale Brown

Dr. Dale Brown (L) and Jordan Burroughs (R)
Dr. Dale Brown (L) and Jordan Burroughs (R)

Dr. Dale Brown is a Clarksville TN,  Maximized Living Chiropractor.

Dr. Brown is part of the Wellness Advisory Council (WAC), the official Chiropractic and performance providers for United States Wrestling, Judo, Weightlifting and ParaOlympic Volleyball Teams, U.S Martial Arts and many of the top MMA teams and fighters.

Locally, Dr. Brown sits on the board of advisors for SAFE (Soldiers And Families Embrace), a local non-profit organization serving active duty, veterans and their families.

Dr. Brown also participates with the Mayors Fitness Council, advocating a healthier Clarksville.

For more information about Dr. Dale Brown, and Maximized Living, visit www.maximizedlivingdrbrown.com

For additional information, contact

Jaemi Serrano, Marketing & Events Coordinator

Marathon Chiropractic
1715 Wilma Rudolph Boulevard
Clarksville, TN 37040

Phone: 931.591.2010

Email: msjaemi@gmail.com

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