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Tennessee House Rejects Voucher Bill

Tennessee House DemocratsNashville, TN – The controversial school voucher bill was killed for the year when its Republican sponsor withdrew it from a House of Representatives subcommittee on Tuesday.

Knoxville Republican Bill Dunn pulled the bill, (HB1049), from the House Finance Subcommittee because he didn’t have enough votes to pass the legislation.

The bill would have allowed students to receive public tax dollars to pay for private schools. The failure of the bill to advance follows severe criticism from supporters of public schools.

The House Democratic Caucus publically condemned the bill. Rock Island Representative Kevin Dunlap, who is also a teacher, said: “Our public schools are the fastest improving in the nation and we shouldn’t diminish their funding when our students and teachers have made such incredible advances.”

The bill had already been pulled from consideration once this year, then brought back and several other versions of the legislation had been killed in previous years.

Democratic Caucus Chairman Mike Stewart said: “Of all the harebrained education schemes people are pushing on our schools, vouchers are the worst of all. Tennesseans should thank the subcommittee members who once again ensured that this bill would not see the light of day.”


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