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Senator Sara Kyle reflects on 109th Tennessee General Assembly

Senator passed meaningful, progressive legislation in her first term

Tennessee Senate Democratic CaucusNashville, TN – The 109th Tennessee General Assembly reached its final adjournment yesterday, and state Senator Sara Kyle completed her first term as an advocate for women and economic justice with an ability to pass good legislation.

Tennessee State Capitol
Tennessee State Capitol

“As I reflect on my first term, I want to thank my colleagues and constituents for everything we’ve achieved,” state Senator Sara Kyle said. “We’ve strengthened the Neighborhood Preservation Act to fight blight in Memphis, we’ve banned the box on state job applications to give ex-offenders a change to rebuild their lives, and we’ve required the state to count police-related deaths so that we understand the scope of the problem and demand justice for all communities.”

“But, the fight continues,” Senator Kyle said. “We will keep fighting for equal pay for women, for a fair minimum wage, and for Insure Tennessee so that we all have access to health care.”

During her first term, Senator Kyle passed the SB 2300, also known as the Neighborhood Preservation Act; SB 2440, which bans state employers from inquiring about an applicants criminal history on state job applications; and SB 2304, which requires that law enforcement-related deaths be reported to the Tennessee Department of Health. She has also sponsored legislation on equal pay for women, the minimum wage and reforming our state’s marijuana laws.

“Sara Kyle has proven that a hard-working, progressive Senator can be effective in Nashville,” Senate Minority Leader Lee Harris said. “She has spent her first term fighting for regular people and has passed meaningful legislation for the people of Tennessee. Her voice and her record show just what Democrats can do.”


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