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Wind Therapy: Riding the Ozarks

TravelClarksville, TN – The River’s Edge Resort is located in the town of Eminence Missouri, population, 600.  It boasts some of the country’s most beautiful landscape and waterways.

With 1/4 mile access to the Jack’s Fork of the Current River, visitors are treated to some of the finest in outdoor recreation. Canoeing, paddling, rafting, fishing, golf, hiking, swimming and most importantly, for me anyway, motorcycle trails.

That’s why I’m here.

Scenic Highway 19 - Ozark Hellbender Self-Guilded Day Tour. (Motorcycle the Ozarks)
Scenic Highway 19 – Ozark Hellbender Self-Guilded Day Tour. (Motorcycle the Ozarks)

After a recent trip that ending with two days of glorious motorcycle rides through the great Smokey Mountains, I was hungry for more.

When I returned home, it was suggested that I ride the Ozarks. After a quick google search, I discovered the website, www.motorcycleozarks.com

It’s there I discovered Alan and Lynett Peters, the owners of the resort I’ll be calling my headquarters for the next few days. What attracted me here were the five amazing self-guided bike tours that were listed on the website.

Trails like: The Jesse James Getaway, Ozark Hellbender, Waterfall Wonderland, Big Spring Sidewinder and Elephant’s Rock and Roll.  I mean, who could resist the Ozark Hellbender?

Not me.

Alan, a biker himself, gives a detailed description of each route, including “twisties” and “curves” and even gas stops along the way.

Now if you’re not a biker, that’s ok.  Fishing, swimming, hiking and more draw thousands of visitors each year.  The rustic atmosphere and beautiful cabins nestled along the river is reason enough to bring the entire family for exploring the great outdoors.

According to Sports Afield magazine:

Eminence’s “Claim to Fame” is listed as: “Canoeing and camping on more than 120 miles of navigable waters on the Jacks Fork and Current rivers in the Ozark National Scenic Riverways and in the Mark Twain National Forest. More than two dozen campgrounds lie within 30 miles of Eminence.”

“Local Lore” is capsulized thusly, “Legend has it that Eminence was a popular stopover for Jesse James and his band of outlaws who used the limestone caves in the area as hideouts – as did the local moonshiners. Eminence is the hometown of astronaut Tom Akers, former principal of Eminence High School and veteran of four space shuttle missions.”

I’m looking forward to my ride through the Ozarks and meeting the wonderful people of Eminence.

Follow my blog posts each day as I share my experience and photos from this beautiful part of the country.

Wind therapy.  #weride

Hank Bonecutter
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