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Clarksville Police Department Scams of the Day for December 4th, 2017

Clarksville Police Department - CPDClarksville, TN – The Clarksville Police Department is going to make the public aware of some of the scams that they receive daily. CPD knows there are an unlimited amounts of scams, but they are going to try and put out the ones where people have actually suffered a loss.

Scam #1 – Computer repair refund. A man had a computer repaired within the past couple of months and received a call from the business saying that they were going out of business and were refunding him $200.00.


But, he was told the only way to receive the refund was to buy two Itune gift cards for a $100.00 each and then provide the codes so the money could be refunded to the cards. The man did as told.

The business contacted him saying the cards were invalid. So the man repeated the process and once again was told the codes were invalid.

That’s when another family member got involved to help purchase more Itune cards. At the end of all this, the victims called the computer store and were told it was a scam. Total lost to the victims was $1500.

Scam #2

Purchasing Dog over Craigslist.
A woman had been emailing a man about purchasing a puppy from a Craigslist ad. She had agreed to do a Walmart to Walmart transfer for $340.00 for the puppy purchase.

Once the man received the money, he contacted the victim and said he needed an additional $930.00, via a Walmart to Walmart transfer, to crate and transfer the puppy to her. But, she would receive the majority of money back once the puppy arrived safely. The money was sent.

The man contacted her again and said he would need an additional $1200 for the puppy’s papers. At that point, the victim discontinued contact. Total loss was $1270.



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