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Clarksville-Montgomery County Emergency team delivers Baby at Hotel

City of Clarksville

City of Clarksville - Clarksville, TNClarksville, TN – Clarksville Fire Rescue and Montgomery County EMS first responders assisted in the emergency birth of a child in a hotel room on Kraft Street.

The call came at 8:40pm Saturday, March 16th, summoning an ambulance for a 29-year-old woman in active labor at the Midtown Hotel, 890 Kraft Street.

First Responders

Two Emergency Medical Responders at Fire Station 1, Tyler Edlin and Mark Provo, fired up the lights and sirens on CFR Rescue 1 and headed into action.

At the hotel room, the EMRs made a patient assessment and gathered some of the woman’s medical history, according to the report filed by Edlin. They gave the woman oxygen and started timing her contractions.

A few minutes later, when a Montgomery County Emergency Medical Services crew of Lt. Danny Cotterell, paramedic Danielle Hennerfeind, and EMT Jada Smith arrived, contractions were coming every 90 seconds, and the case officially changed from “ambulance call” to “child birth.”

As the teams moved the mother to a stretcher, she said she needed to push and felt the baby coming. The child was born at 8:54pm, with CFR’s Edlin in charge of the delivery. EMS assessed the newborn, and took the baby girl to the EMS medic unit. The Clarksville Fire Rescue team continued to support EMS with the mother, who also was moved to the medic unit.

At 9:05pm, the report notes “mother and baby doing fine.” EMS took mother and daughter to Tennova Healthcare-Clarksville. By 9:10pm the command was ended and Rescue 1 was headed back to Station 1.

“This was an absolute team approach, as delivery was imminent,” Montgomery County Emergency Services Director Jimmie Edwards said. “That’s always a pretty exciting moment, when the baby comes.”

Edwards said an emergency delivery is relatively rare, but first responders usually assist several births each year. It’s common enough that EMS has a tradition of giving crew members a “stork pin” signifying they assisted a birth.


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