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Dr. Manny Sethi Comments on Coronavirus Responses Being Debated in Congress

Dr. Manny SethiNashville, TN – Republican Senate candidate and conservative outsider Dr. Manny Sethi comments on Washington’s coronavirus (COVID-19) stimulus plans being debated in Congress:

“I’m a doctor. I’ve been worried about this virus for months. I appreciate President Donald Trump’s effort to do something.”

Dr. Manny Sethi
Dr. Manny Sethi

“But our country faces not only serious health concerns, but economic ones as well. Congress already spent a trillion dollars this week, and is considering more proposals each bigger than the bailouts of 2008.”

“We’ve got tough decisions ahead, but before we saddle our kids with massive debt, it’s time to slow down, have a debate, and explain to the American people, who need help, what the choices are before us. Washington needs to put Main Street first, not Wall Street.”

“Just shoveling cash out the back of a truck so that Congress can tell themselves they’ve done something is the wrong answer.”

About Dr. Manny Sethi

Dr. Manny Sethi is an orthopedic trauma surgeon and the founder of Healthy Tennessee, a nonprofit organization designed to promote preventative health care across the state. This organization has cared for thousands of patients in almost every county in Tennessee.

Raised in Coffee County, Dr. Manny received his undergraduate degree from Brown University. He then went on to receive his medical degree from Harvard Medical School. After college, as a Fulbright Scholar he worked in Tunisia with children suffering from muscular dystrophy. Dr. Manny returned home to Tennessee to impact change in healthcare and education.

He is the co-editor of An Introduction to Health Policy with Senator William Frist, MD, and author of The American Dream in Tennessee: Stories of Faith, Struggle, and Survival, a book about the power of faith, family, and community in the treatment of near-life-ending trauma.

He is married to Maya. Together they have two children, and the family attends McKendree United Methodist Church in Nashville.

More information about Dr. Manny and his campaign can be found at DrMannyforSenate.com


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