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Clarksville Police monitor compliance with Executive Orders

Three bars found violating restrictions quickly comply

City of ClarksvilleClarksville, TN – Clarksville Police have begun enforcing the state and local executive orders prohibiting customers from gathering inside restaurants, bars, nightclubs and similar food establishments.


The orders expand earlier measures designed to reduce the spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic by limiting gatherings and in-person contact.

Tennessee Governor Bill Lee issued an order March 22nd that stipulates such businesses may be open only for drive-through, pickup, carry out or delivery of food and drink, including alcoholic beverages. Customers are prohibited from gathering for service inside these types of businesses.

Clarksville Mayor Joe Pitts and Montgomery County Mayor Jim Durrett issued similar local orders that took effect at 12:01am Wednesday, March 25th.

CPD officers paid visits Tuesday night to three bars inside the City Limits that were serving groups of customers.

“The bar owners and staff were informed of the details of the orders, and they were receptive and complied quickly”, said Jim Knoll, Clarksville Police spokesman. “This is a community health and safety effort, and we recognize there will be some early confusion. But we want the businesses to know that these are serious orders and law enforcement is actively monitoring compliance.”

Here is a summary of recent Executive and Emergency Orders from the Governor and Clarksville-Montgomery County Mayors:

  • As of 12:01am Wednesday, March 25th, social gatherings of more than 10 people are prohibited, and residents are urged to follow U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) guidelines and practice social distancing — that means stay at home as much as possible and stay at least 6 feet away from others.
  • No mandatory order for people to shelter-in-place or quarantine exists for Clarksville and Montgomery County.
  • Restaurants, bars, nightclubs and other similar food establishments are open only for drive-through, pickup, carry out or delivery options. Customers are prohibited from gathering for service inside these types of businesses.
  • Movie theaters, performing arts centers, arcades, gyms, fitness facilities, yoga studios, dance studios, bowling alleys and other similar facilities are not open to the public.
  • People should not visit nursing homes, retirement homes, long-term care or assisted-living facilities, except to provide essential assistance or visit residents receiving imminent end-of-life care.
  • Local residents may visit places necessary to maintain health and economic well-being. Examples include grocery stores, gas stations, parks, and banks, as long as they observe the necessary precautions outlined by CDC.


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