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Bi-County Solid Waste Management asks people not to take Large Loads to Convenience Centers

Montgomery County Government TennesseeMontgomery County, TN – With more people staying at home due the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, many residents have been taking advantage of spring cleaning and home projects. This has resulted in an overload of materials at the Bi-County Solid Waste Convenience Centers in a short time span.

Bi-County Solid Waste Management Convenience Centers are meant for smaller loads of bagged household waste, not large loads or large items.

Southside Convenience and Recycle Center located at 5090 Highway 48.
Southside Convenience and Recycle Center located at 5090 Highway 48.

Due to the increased volume of materials, scheduling circumstances, and staff shortages related to Coronavirus (COVID-19), Bi-County Solid Waste drivers are experiencing a rapidly increasingly number of pick-ups from the convenience centers, which causes delays and has a trickle effect on picking up other sites and recyclables.

“Debris that normally comes in over the course of several months is now coming in all at once in large volumes. Bi-County will continue providing services however, we need residents to work with us to bring larger items and loads to the main landfill scales located at 3212 Dover Road,” said Bi-County Director Mark Neblett.

. We also request that our convenience center workers be treated with patience as they have been advised to make discretionary decisions based on box space and traffic flow,” Neblett stated.

The Transfer Station located at 1230 Highway Drive can also accept some larger loads and large items (no double axle trailers), however they are overwhelmed at this time and may or may not be able to handle the capacity. There could be long wait times and a request for delivery to the main landfill on Dover Road.

The hours of operation for the scales at the main landfill site on Dover Road are Monday through Friday 5:30am to 4:00pm and Saturday 7:00am to 4:00pm. The hours of operation for the Transfer Station are Monday through Sunday from 7:00am to 6:00pm.

Bi-County is here to serve the citizens of Montgomery County and Stewart County, but your help is needed to follow these guidelines so they can continue serving residents.  

For questions about Bi-County Solid Waste visit or mcgtn.org/bi-county  or call 931.648.5751. Please note that it may take some time to return your call during this time because of a high call volume.


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