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Marsha Blackburn Report: Calling Out Wasteful Spending


U.S. SenateWashington, D.C. – While some politicians are trying to sweep wasteful spending under the rug, I’m calling out the left’s exorbitant wish list. Americans deserve real COVID-19 Coronavirus relief—not more funding for “climate justice” and Planned Parenthood.

As the budget reconciliation process moves over to the Senate, I remain resolved to work against wasteful spending and provide an aid package that benefits the American people.

Senator Marsha Blackburn.

Senator Marsha Blackburn.

Holding China Accountable

Until the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) ends its systematic violations of human rights and religious freedom, the United States cannot remain complicit by offering 10-year multi-entry visas to Chinese nationals. I joined my colleagues in the Senate to introduce the Visa Security Act which will halt the revolving door the CCP has exploited for half a decade and instead demand accountability in the global human rights effort.

Also, to address China’s increasingly threatening maritime presence, I signed a letter to Secretary of Defense Austin asking the Navy to detail what steps they will take to bolster U.S. ship manufacturing to counter CCP competition in global waters. In addition to preserving U.S. military superiority, a robust shipbuilding industry provides job security for Tennesseans in manufacturing, nuclear engineering, and more.

Pushing Back On Job-Killing Agreements

By rejoining the Paris Climate Accords, the Biden administration prioritized leftist goals (and the desires of foreign countries!) above the needs of the American people. I introduced legislation to prohibit U.S. taxpayer dollars from being used to rejoin the job-killing Paris Climate Agreement along with a Senate resolution calling on President Biden to submit the Paris Agreement to the Senate for review as required under the Constitution.

The Paris Climate Agreement puts hard-working Americans out of work during an unprecedented pandemic, and the decision to rejoin cannot come at the expense of the American taxpayers or without the consent of the Senate.

Protecting Children Online

Children are increasingly living their lives behind screens, and the jarring reality is that this leaves more innocent kids at risk of exploitation. I introduced the End Child Exploitation Act to give law enforcement the tools they need to investigate these crimes and collect the evidence needed to hunt down online predators. Read more about the legislation and the importance of protecting children online here.


Supporting Telehealth

Many of our rural Tennessee communities aren’t just underserved—they are unserved. Expanding the availability and use of telehealth services is an essential step toward bringing our nation’s healthcare into the 21st century. The Telehealth Modernization Act, which I cosponsored, will work to expand Medicare coverage for telehealth services and support communities in need of health care resources.

Marsha’s Roundup

Our Tennessee parents, teachers, and students have adapted well to partial virtual learning and have made an impressive effort to reopen schools. Unfortunately, parts of the United States are lagging in getting kids back into the classroom. On the Senate floor, I denounced funding that rewards school closures and demanded a return to safe, responsible, in-person learning.

We should expect our Cabinet secretaries to be experienced and willing to represent the values of the people they serve. The President’s nominee to lead the Department of Health and Human Services, Xavier Becerra, is neither. He lacks any relevant work experience in health care and promotes policies, such as abortion on demand, that are far removed from what the American people support. That’s why I joined with my colleagues to request President Biden formally withdraw Becerra’s nomination.

During Attorney General Nominee Merrick Garland’s confirmation hearing, I pressed him on two critical issues facing our country—big tech and China. Our chief legal officer must take these threats seriously.

Without strong borders, every town is a border town, and every state is a border state. The new immigration proposal from the Biden administration underscores leftist efforts to turn the United States into a sanctuary country. The American people deserve to feel safe, and I am working to ensure that our borders stay secure.

A $15.00 minimum wage would destroy small businesses and job opportunities in our workforce. While some politicians are trying to fit their agenda into the already massive spending bill, I explained the importance of supporting aid that is timely, targeted, and temporary.


Coronavirus Resources

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