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Marsha Blackburn Report: Operation Warp Speed for Energy Independence

U.S. SenateWashington, D.C. – From the cost of gasoline to your electric bill each month, energy prices have been increasing since Joe Biden took office. On his first day in the White House, he canceled the Keystone pipeline and banned new oil production, all to appease woke climate fanatics.

Now, the White House is trying to rewrite history by blaming Biden’s record high gas prices on the “Putin Price Hike”–but Tennesseans aren’t buying their spin.

Let’s challenge big government to get out of the way and empower the private sector to produce more oil, more gas, more electricity. It’s time for an Operation Warp Speed to make America energy independent again!

Weekly Rundown

If left unchecked, communist China’s Digital Yuan and other emerging technologies will empower Russia to evade global sanctions on important financial systems like SWIFT and enable the CCP to further surveil and threaten their citizens. I introduced legislation to provide the United States with more information about the Digital Yuan and hold the new Axis of Evil to account. 

In February, severe winter storms in West Tennessee caused severe power outages, blocked roads, and loss of life. That’s why I led the Tennessee delegation in urging President Joe Biden to swiftly approve Governor Bill Lee’s request for a Major Disaster Declaration to get support to the communities that need it most. 

From Beale Street in Memphis, to Music Row in Nashville, to the theaters tucked into the mountains of East Tennessee, our artist communities make Tennessee an exceptionally creative state. In Congress, I’ve led the bipartisan fight to protect creative IP and make sure our singer-songwriters are properly compensated for their hard work and talent. Fighting for our creative community will help ensure the hits keep on coming!

Marsha’s Roundup


I sponsored a resolution condemning the recent bomb threats at HBCUs and reaffirming our commitment to combatting violence against students, faculty, and staff.

Watch my newest episode of Unmuted with Marsha with special guest Kay Coles James!

Sign up to join Senator Hagerty and me at Tennessee Tuesday every Tuesday the Senate is in session.

For Tennesseans seeking FEMA tornado recovery assistance, the application deadline is March 15th, 2022.


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