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Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office, Tennessee Highway Patrol to Focus on Commercial Vehicle Violations Beginning May 16th along River Road, Cumberland Heights Road

Montgomery County Sheriff's Office - MCSOClarksville, TN – Beginning May 16th, 2022, you may see an increase of county and state law enforcement along both River Road and Cumberland Heights Road in Montgomery County, TN. Law enforcement will focus their efforts on commercial vehicles traveling in violation of posted load and length limits. 

Montgomery County Highway Department (MCHD) and Sheriff’s Office officials met to discuss concerns about large trucks and tractor-trailers traveling in excess of state posted limits.

River Road has a posted gross weight limit of 7,000lbs and Cumberland Heights Road has a posted restriction to prohibit tractor-trailers to through traffic. Failing to adhere to posted restrictions has a direct effect on the safety of drivers as well as citizens who own property along these roads.
According to Jeff Bryant, Highway Supervisor, “The structural stability of River Road cannot handle the weight of larger vehicle traffic and the tractor trailers cannot maneuver the geometric constraints of Cumberland Heights Road without crossing the centerline creating an unsafe situation for oncoming vehicles.”
Drivers will begin to see Tennessee Department of Transportation (TDOT) messaging boards up and around the River Road and Cumberland Heights Road area to remind drivers of posted restrictions and limitations for vehicles. Deputies along with Troopers will increase their presence to insure drivers are adhering to traffic laws. Citations can be costly and effect license points.
The fine for the misdemeanor violation of T.C.A 55-8-109 Obedience to Any Traffic Control Device is: $25.00 and Court Costs of: $214.50, a total fine of $239.50. If found guilty, up to four points may be added to your Tennessee Driver’s License. Drivers that accumulate up to 12-points in a twelve-month-period are sent a notice of proposed suspension from the state.
“There’s a real concern for driver safety when vehicles with large capacity loads are traveling alongside of them. It gets considerably worse when truckloads are of greater weight than the road can support. It’s just dangerous. Because of this my deputies will be out in force to addresses these very concerns,” said Montgomery County Sheriff John Fuson.


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