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Keith Olbermann: Eight years in eight minutes


With the inauguration of President-elect Barack Obama coming up on Tuesday, January 20, it’s time to take and look back at the last eight years under the Bush administration.  Keith Olbermann from the MSNBC show Countdown does an exceptional job with this.
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Imagine Palin as President…


The more I hear from her, the scarier this scenario gets: Palin as President.

I have spent hours skimming interviews and news stories about Vice Presidential Candidate Sarah Palin. It is not outside the realm of possibility, given Republican Presidential Candidate John McCain’s age and medical history, and the potential pressures of a presidency, that Palin could find herself in the Oval office, and not as a “visitor.” It’s is something American voters must consider as they prepare to cast ballots in the November election.

I question her experience and her agenda, particularly on the global scale; her lack of visible experience on a broader beyond-Alaska governance, is slim; on the world stage it is nil. Her recent foreign travels found the press pool (CNN) being allowed 30 seconds or less of filming as met with foreign leaders. «Read the rest of this article»


Mr. & Mrs. Middle Class: You’ve been punked!


You are being told that we must pony up for Wall Street’s mistakes over the past 20 years. You are being told that if you do not it will only cost you more in the long run. You are being told that if you do not do so, the world as we know it will cease to exist. That part, at least, is correct.

For the past twenty years, beginning with the Reagan administration, economic war has been waged on you, the middle class. The champions of the “free market” demanded that all fetters, all regulations, be removed from the market. It was claimed that regulations were bad, that they prevented the market from operating “efficiently”, that the “freer” the market, the more we would all benefit. «Read the rest of this article»


Don’t be fooled by “troop withdrawal” agreement; we are still in for the long haul


The Bush/Cheney team on the move(scene from I.O.U.S.A.)

Across the country today corporate media headlines screamed the news that “an agreement has been reached” that would pull troops out of Iraq’s major cities ten months from now, in June, 2009. Read the fine print. Scrutinize between the lines. If you think all our troops are destined to come home, think again.

Yes, the United States and Iraq have “tentatively” reached an agreement that would see American troops vacated Iraq’s major cities, but that leaves a lot of ground out of the pact. That’s when the terms “broader withdrawal” and the words “tentative” and “but” come into play.

Iraqi leaders have yet to put a final stamp of approval on the deal, and as for that 2011 withdrawal date, it’s “contigent” on the implementation of additional security and on the “political progress” achieved in Iraq. So, folks, don’t hold your breath. The door is still ajar and our soldiers will still be rotating in and out of Iraq. «Read the rest of this article»


Students breathe new life into a remnant of the 60s: SDS rises at APSU


co-steps-sds.JPG“Hey, hey, ho, ho, the SDS is back again … We don’t want your war…”

The liberal ‘monster’ awoke and raised its head today on the Austin Peay State University Campus, growling its way to awareness a bit earlier than planned due to a scheduling conflict in time and place. But despite this little known, last minute change, some 30 people showed up to stand with the fledgling antiwar group, including professors, administrators and FreeThinkers.

A dozen students at Austin Peay State University have resurrected Students for a Democratic Society (SDS). They gathered Friday from 10:30-noon at the Student Center plaza for an anti-war rally. They were a small group with a loud voice, large banners, small signs and handouts opposing the War in Iraq and the assault on civil liberties.

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

— The First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution «Read the rest of this article»

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President Bush says war in Iraq ‘will extend beyond my presidency’


bush.jpgIraq will require U.S. political, economic and security engagement that will extend beyond my presidency.” — President Bush

No kidding. It’s obvious that whoever is elected to succeed Bush is being handed a mess, a quagmire that some members of the administration say could require U.S. presence in Iraq for ten years or more. It’s not an idea drawing popular support.

~~ 5,700 troops home for Christmas ~~

iraq-many-soldiers.jpgIn his speech to the nation tonight, President Bush said he will continue to stay the course without actually saying the words “stay the course.” Despite the fact that he has pledged to return 5,700 troops stateside by Christmas, that still leaves approximately 155,000 troops in Iraq, including 25,000 of the “surge” troops. These troops were already scheduled to return home. The only difference is that they will not be replaced. Do the math. «Read the rest of this article»

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Military wife speaks out against the war


Army symbol“My husband doesn’t have the ability to voice his opinion. He’s controlled. I am controlled in that I don’t want to get him in trouble, so I am nervous about what I say to people.” — Leslie

I recently spoke with the woman who made this statement, a military wife, Leslie (her name changed to protect the innocent), at a local restaurant, and asked her what she feels about the ongoing war in Iraq and Afghanistan.

“I’m very upset about the war,” Leslie said. “The more I read the more I know it was a big screw up from the start. I never supported it when Bush wanted to go. Bush knew what he was going to do and did it and he didn’t care about facts.”

The following is a transcript of my questions (CO) and Leslie’s answers:

CO: Where do you get your facts?

Leslie: “I’m always looking on the internet for what’s going on. And I read a lot of books.”

CO: Do you trust mainstream media?

Leslie: “No, not at all. There’s so much information out there, but the media doesn’t want to look for it, and doesn’t want to tell it.” «Read the rest of this article»

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