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Time to Support the Troops

bringthemhome.gifIt is past time for us to support the troops. We have allowed our “leaders” to sacrifice them for far too long in this endless occupation of Iraq. There remain a few that still claim that we can “win” in Iraq, but I think that they, too, deep in their hearts know that that will never happen. We have allowed that nation to devolve into a civil war that we are powerless to prevent.

We told them to overthrow Sadaam Hussein, which they did. They won the war that Bush decided to wage. But then we left them there. As the years dragged on, we sent them back again and again — into a situation that got worse with each passing year. And they went back, again, and again, tempting fate each time. Some did not return to us and those who did were wounded in body or soul or both.

So, enough is enough. Let’s support the troops and bring them home. Let’s welcome them back with thanks and celebration of their service to our country. And let’s make sure that they get what it takes to be healed in both body and soul. Then let’s ask their forgiveness for taking so long to do what must be done and pledge to them that we will never again let them be so badly used by those who claim to be our “leaders”.

Tom Paine
Tom Paine
Systems Administrator for ASP for hospitals/med surg facilities. Politics mostly socialist/populist. Anti-corporate, pro working class. Student of history who fervently believes that "those who ignore history are doomed to repeat it".

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