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Lugo launches ‘vote for peace” website

chris-lugo.jpgChris Lugo, candidate for US Senate, has announced the establishment of his new website, Vote for Peace, a resource for everyone who is interested in in his candidacy and issues affecting peace and the health and welfare of the American citizenry. Lugo, a resident of Nashville, ran for this seat in 2006 as the Green Party of Tennessee candidate.

In announcing the new site, Lugo said,

“The war in Iraq has been dragging on for more than four years now with no end in sight. The Bush administration has failed the American people and the Republican leadership which has supported this administration is complicit in this unwarranted war of aggression which has cost the lives of thousands of Americans and hundreds of thousands of Iraqis at a cost of trillions of dollars.”

As he looks at the State of the Union, he asks the public to open its eyes and

  • Imagine what we could have done with the good will which the international community expressed for us after September 11th, 2001.
  • Imagine what we could have done, if we had spent hundreds of billions of dollars on real needs here at home.
  • Imagine if we had spent that money ensuring that every American had access to health care.
  • Imagine that we had ensured that every student who wanted to could go to school cost free.
  • Imagine if we had worked to ensure that social security, America’s promise to the working class, were insured for future generations.
  • Imagine if we were to work to correct the deep racial injustices which face this country.
  • Imagine if we had invested in our domestic infrastructure or had done right by the people of New Orleans.

“These are just some of the things we could have spent our money on instead of spending it on torture, domestic spying, and murdering women and children in the middle east at the hands of private contractors. America deserves better leadership that this. Tennessee deserves better leadership.”

Lugi is an anti-war peace activist who supports progressive values for Tennessee. He support health care for all Americans, an end to the war in Iraq, no domestic spying on Americans, the creation of a federal level Department of Peace, a secular government with a clear separation between church and state, women’s rights, immigrants rights and civil rights for gays and lesbians. He is a progressive who has been involved in the social justice community for twenty years.

To access this site, log onto to www.voteforpeace.info.


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