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Memorial Day – In remembrance

Fort Campbell, KY.  The Home of the Screaming EaglesClarksville is a city that boasts a large contingent of soldiers and their families from the 101st Airborne Division and Special Operations Units. Additionally there are many veteran residents and their patrons.  As such, our community tends to have more sensitivity to those currently in harm’s way; and those who have made the ultimate sacrifice: the giving their lives for our freedom. Sadly, this cannot be said of most Americans.

As we celebrate Memorial Day this year, I hope that Americans will remember that there is more to this day than hot dogs and hamburgers. I truly hope that they remember, that as they celebrate with their family and friends, that many soldiers, sailors, airmen and marines stand in harm’s way, miles away from their families and friends.


The freedoms we enjoy today, those very freedoms that are currently being tested, are ours because of these brave soliders, sailors, airmen and marines who willingly accept the possibility of an ultimate sacrifice to secure them for you and I. From our nation’s founding revolution to the current military operations in Afghanistan and Iraq, whether you agree or not with the current engagements; the REASON that we have the opportunity to exercise our God-given right to speak out is due to those who have gone before.


I hope that everyone will take a moment to reflect on the true purpose of this day. Say a prayer for those families who have lost loved ones, and for our national heroes bearing the burden of the fight even as I type this. God Bless our soldiers and our great Nation!

Tim Cash
Tim Cashhttp://www.cashsofclarksville.com
Retired First Sergeant.  Served with the 101st and the 160th SOAR(A).  Spent 16 of my 20 years in the Army in Clarksville/Fort Campbell.  Married to Pamela Ann and have one daughter Ashley.  I am passionate about our city and our great country. I am a Realtor along with my wife Pam here in Clarksville.  Also serve on a non-profit association board.  Beyond that, I enjoy working in the yard and practicing the art of keeping Nishikigoi (Koi Carp)

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