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Community leader has scholarship named in his honor.

Faith & Work According to His Purpose

Daniel Lee Stevens Jr.
Daniel Lee Stevens Jr.

Nia Association announced the awarding of the first annual Daniel Stevens Youth Build Scholarship Award, to the Tabernacle Christian School (TCS).  Daniel Stevens was the Co-founder of Nia, and a staunch advocate of youth achievement. Mr. Stevens taught youth in varying capacities for over 24 years, after retiring from the US Army.

His last public school period of instruction was at TCS where he was invited by Principal Katobwa Stallworth to teach students about the American Flag, its value, its meaning, its colors, how to hoist and retire the colors, and how it is to be folded and stored. It is befitting that this first award be given to benefit a student who merits financial support and exhibits strong potential to excel. At the 2009 TCS graduation ceremonies, Mr. Stevens’ youngest granddaughter, Kampbell Mack, a Pre-K 4 student, boldly and proudly exclaimed the TCS mantra, “If Excellence is a Possibility, then Good is Not Good Enough!”

The Kids at Tabernacle Christian School exemplify the ideals of this award, as made evident by the many sucessful graduates from the school.



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