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East High Wildcats Return to the Roxy Regional Theatre in Disney’s High School Musical 2

Gabriella, Troy and the rest of the gang are back at the Roxy Regional Theatre this spring for Disney’s HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL 2, opening April 9 at 8pm.

Celebrating the last day of their junior year, the East High Wildcats blast onto the summer scene with newfound jobs at the Lava Springs Country Club. Keeping every ounce of the light-hearted fun that makes HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL a household name, this buoyant sequel takes on the questions of real kids facing the realities of the adult world. Friendships are tested, summer romances go haywire, and the meaning of success is redefined.

Directed by Tom Thayer and choreographed by Chi Lopes, Disney’s HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL 2 stars Mindy Wedner as Gabriella Montez and Aaron Riesebeck as Troy Bolton.

Mindy Wedner as Gabriella
Mindy Wedner as Gabriella
Aaron Riesebeck as Troy
Aaron Riesebeck as Troy

The show also features Maggie Politi (Sharpay Evans), Bryan Zoppi (Ryan Evans), Adrielle Belle (Taylor McKessie), Tom Garruto (Chad Danforth), Drew Torkelson (Zeke Baylor), Sarah Levine (Martha Cox), Joanna Patmore (Kelsi Nielsen), Christian Redden (Jack Scott), Lauren Armstead, Marguerite Armstead, Kayla Jones, Webb Booth, Christian Boyd, Humberto Figueroa, Jasmine Gardner, Samantha Grimes, Jacob Ritchart, Amy Wyer and Q108 radio’s Ryan Ploeckelman as Mr. Fulton.

Disney’s HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL 2 opens April 9 and runs through May 15, playing Wednesdays and Thursdays at 7pm and Fridays and Saturdays at 8pm, with a 2pm matinee on Saturday, April 17. Tickets are $20 (adults) and $15 (ages 13 and under) and may be purchased online at www.roxyregionaltheatre.org, by phone at 931-645-7699 or at the theatre during regular box office hours (9am-2pm, weekdays).


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