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One more performance remains for APSU’s Summer Dance Concert

Dance is the noblest of the Arts. Using a human body as their canvas, a dancers’ performance treats the audience to a visual poetry written with their bodies in both form and motion.

APSU Theatre & DanceThe Austin Peay State University’s Theatre & Dance Department together with the APSU Center of Excellence for the Creative Arts is currently holding their Summer Dance Concert. One performance remains on Wednesday, August 11th, at 7:30PM, in the Clement Auditorium. The show features 9 numbers choreographed by both Faculity, Alumni, & Current Students and showcasing the talents of the students in the APSU Dance Program.

According to Artistic Director Marcus Hayes, “Dance Concerts provide good opportunities for students to explore their Choreographic ideas, and to see what happens when those ideas are brought to life in performance.”

A dancer leaps for the sky during the Finale of the Summer Dance Concert at APSU
A dancer leaps for the sky during the Finale of the Summer Dance Concert at APSU

The students were their own harshest critics while getting a sneak peak of the concert photography after the show, providing comments like “I was too low”, or “I was too high”, etc… While my only complaint with the concert, was that it ended too soon; it left me wanting more!

There is one remaining performance tomorrow evening, go check it out! Admission is $5 and well worth the price.

Photo Gallery


Total Body
Total Body

Total Body

Choreography: Laquimah Van Dunk
Music: “Dance, Dance, Dance” by Lykke Li
Performers: Christina Watts, Selina Mickles, Chancie Joines, Abby Ramsey, Alaina Runions

Captive (Work in Progress)

Choreography: Kevin Loveland
Music: “Red-eye” by Album Leaf
Performers: Laquimah Van Dunk, Alaina Runions

Breaking the Rules
Breaking the Rules


Choreography: Marcus Hayes
Music: “The Only Exception” by Paramore
Performers: Kevin Loveland

When asked Marcus Hayes explained the title of this number as “I’m breaking the rules”.


Choreography: Kevin Loveland & BJ Sawyers
Music: “Alice” by Pogo
Performers: Whitney Gaston, Abby Ramsey, Christina Watts, Sarilda Mayberry, Laquimah Van Dunk, BJ Sawyers



Choreography: Laquimah Van Dunk
Music: “The Nature of Daylight” by Max Richter
Performers: Abby Ramsey, Alaina Runions, Brittany Hardaway, Arlene Reed


Choreography: Abby Ramsey
Music: “Run the Heart” by Sleigh Bells
Performers: Alaina Runions, Laquimah Van Dunk, Brittany Hardaway,  Arlene Reed, Whitney Gaston



Choreography: Nathan Brown & Daniel Rye
Music: “Davey Jones” by Hans Zimmer
Performers: Nathan Brown & Daniel Rye

Mold (Work in Progress)

Choreography: Alaina Runions
Music: “Ribs Out” by F*ck Buttons
Performers: Abby Ramsey, Laquimah Van Dunk, Brittany Hardaway, Kevin Loveland, Whitney Gaston

Improvisational Finale

Performers: The Cast

The Cast
The Cast


Lighting Board Operator: Chris Turner

Sound Board: Stephen Kemp

Costumes: Leni Dyer

Artistic Director: Marcus Hayes

Bill Larson
Bill Larson
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